ZP-9B Rotary Tablet Press

ZP-9B Rotary Tablet pc Hit

Product or service Information:

This machine can be used for tabletting kinds of granular natural materials in to circular tablet.

It is actually suitable to pathway production in Lab or batch generate in small amount different kinds of tablet pc ,

sugars piece , calcium mineral pc tablet and pc tablet of irregular form . it comes with a little pc type click

for motive and constant sheeting .it can also be hands-operated , Just one pair of punching pass away could be erected with this click.

Equally stuffing depth of material and thickness of tablet computer are adjuster .

Specialized Variables:

type : ZP7B / ZP9B

dies : 7 established / 9 established

max stress : 50 KN

optimum dia of pc tablet : 20 millimeters

maximum level of fill up : 15 mm

maximum thickness of tablet : 6 mm

turret pace : 32 r/min

production ability p/h : 13440/17280

energy 1.1 KW

general size (millimeters )700*530*1210

weight: 330KG


1. The outer area of the machine is fully-encased, which is made of stainless

metallic, conference the GMP necessity

2. It has transparent home windows, to ensure press situation might be seen clearly and

the house windows may be opened up. Cleansing and maintenance are much easier

3. The machine can press not only round tablets, but also different geometrical

design pc tablets, twice-layered and annular tablet pcs; the tablet pcs may have the

amazed characters on aspects

4. All the devices and controllers are located in just one side in the machine, to ensure

it can be simpler to operate

5. An excess security system is within the method to prevent the damage of thepunches and equipment,

when excess happens

6. The machine’s worm gear travel adopts totally-encased essential oil-immersed lubrication withlong assistance-existence,

preventing go across toxins

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