Whole servo horizontal pillow-pack wrapper

Complete servo horizontal pillow-pack wrapper, designed specifically for the dairy products market, to obtain pillow-pack fashion packages coming from a smooth reel of warmth/cool sealable wrapping materials. Durable building with a carbon metal constructed body, small design and style, cutting edge reliable, hardware and operator friendly handle computer software are definitely the effects attained in this particular venture, expression of experience attained in years of manufacturing of flowpack equipment and automated lines. An exceptional revolutionary machine.

Cantilevered Development: anufactured with modular pre-put together models built to easily be reachable and substituted. The leading of your machine is free of charge from your obstruction. Elegant and reasonable design, basic nevertheless sturdy design.

Operation: total servo wrapper with axis action controller and brushless servomotors. To drive: infeed conveyor, fin close rollers, sealing crimpers.

No mechanised pushes: drive engines are hooked up instantly to the numerous assemblies. The electrical board is located inside of the machine framework and guarded through the additional setting.

Compact layout, simple washing: cantilevered framework made fully of AISI 304 steel with curved sides and new layout concept called ?°independent outside support?± make washing and sanitising functions extremely simple and effective. Could be fitted with automated give belt laundry program (non-obligatory) designed to be associated with a centralised CIP program.

Ergonomic layout: HMI and begin/stop control keys have already been ergonomically positioned to aid accessibility.

Dependability: inner growing reel-owner shaft with okay realignment of reel centring and equaliser brake.

High versatility and speed: up-to 160 periods/minutes. and capable of wrapping endless different products in the nonfood and food market sectors.

Human/machine User interface: coloring touchscreen. User friendly HMI to adjust all the machine factors and conserve them in the committed menu. The PFM Sirio will automatically adapt the handbag length, produce registration place, the crimpers position the dwell and the wrapping rate. The change from the closing temp from the fin close off rollers as well as the transverse securing crimpers is integrated into the touch-screen.


Extra-hygienic tilted inlet conveyor belt with exchangeable pushers.

Servo-helped machine showcasing 3 brushless engines handled by using H.M.I. high-resolution touchscreen display and uncomplicated application.

Packaging velocity: the PFM Sirio functions 160 mechanised periods a minute with best closes.

AISI 304 cantilevered structure with unbiased border support, robust and compact simple to examine and flawlessly sanitisable.

Drop-forged steel transverse sealing system.

Internal broadening reel-holder shaft offering great adjustment of reel equaliser and centring brake.


UBIQUITY is the innovative PFM software platform for tele-service that allows the zeroing of distances by limiting operating and travelling on the control panel of the multi-head weighers on PLCs when installed on the wrapping line.

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