Whole car handbag packing machine

Total automobile handbag packing machine, Product ND-DXD-K320


Economic automobile handbag packing machine would work for auto packing of no-tacky, volume or granular medications, foodstuffs and seeds, for example granulated juice, salt, coffee and sugar melons seeds,oatmeal and rice, delicate foods, reduce green tea leaf, monosodium glutamate, desiccant, cleansing powder and many others.

Major Feature

1 Gauging system adopt adjustable volume mug, which is often used to alter material content during procedure of your machine.

2 Mini computer managing, Wise temperature controller, Asian and The english language screen handle system, provided with reputable image electrical energy discovering system.

3 Everything of handbag counting, making, cutting, sealing, filling and measuring temperature-generating regulations can be accomplished quickly

4 Spare parts getting in contact with items and the surface of the machine implement stainless steel, which are quickly washable.

Packing Components

Pieces of paper/PE, Animal/PE, Dog/plated, AL/PE, Animal/PE, BOPP film, as well as other heatable covered laminates film, and many others.

I. Principal Characteristic

1 Piston pump motor determining system, material filling collection is variable, accuracy and precision measurement.

2. Micro pc dealing with, smart temperatures controller, Asian and British display manage system, built with trustworthy image electric power finding system.

3. Everything of travelling bag making, measuring, counting, filling, cutting and sealing temperature-stamping rules can be done automatically.

4. Spare parts contacting items and the top of the machine adopt stainless, that happen to be quickly washable.

II. Applications

Fluid packing machine are widely appropriate for quickly wrapping of pasted items infood and medicine, chemical market, such as water, drinks and milk fruit juice, soy products milk, yoghurt, etc.

III. Packing Resources

Papers/PE, PT/PE, Dog/coated AL/PE, PET/PE, BOPP film, and also other materials might be heat covered.

IV. Sealing type

3 edges, A number of edges,

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