Wet or water goods can attain boiling

Indicator management with boiling hot position detector

Moist or water goods can achieve boiling hot position quickly in the vacuum procedure. Damp items may even prepare when cold. Therefore Henkelman has fitted the sensor control with an extra option: Fluid management. When you activate this work the indicator quickly and accurately detects the vapour period of damp of liquefied merchandise. Therefore you prevent the merchandise getting to boiling level through the vacuum procedure. Therefore avoiding any ensuing damage to the merchandise along with the machine.

Advantages of the Water Handle work:

The product doesn’t shed any humidity.

The package as well as the machine don’t get filthy.

The oil inside the pump motor will keep its top quality.

The push is eliminated from corrosion.

Optimum cycle time, because the vacuum process does not take longer than is needed.

Items are not ruined on account of cooking.

Sealing: entirely as you wish

Once the vacuum process and also the introducing of gas, the handbag is ready to be covered. The correct closing answer shields items successfully towards external factors.

Which sealing system is the best for your situations? That will depend on:

the sort of vacuum bag (PA/PE, shrink case, bags with aluminium finish and many others.);

the fullness of your vacuum travelling bag;

the preferred close;

your special desires or needs.

Henkelman provides the following securing solutions:

Dual close off: 2 x 3.5 millimeters convex closing wire

Trennseal: 1 by 3.5 millimeters convex securing cable and 1 by 1.1 millimeters circular slicing wire

1-2 Trennseal: 1 x 3.5 mm convex closing cable 1 by 1.1 mm round reducing cable/for self-sufficient time settings (shrink wrap)

Broad close off: 1 x 8. mm level sealing cable

Bi-Lively Close: uppr and under securing night clubs together with 1 x 5. millimeters smooth securing cable (thick and aluminium vacuum luggage)

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