utility design of hydraulic upender designing

4. A upender machine in the personality detailed comprising, in combo, grippers to take part complete opposite aspects of your report, forearms pivotand indicates functioning by way of said forearms to advance explained grippers towards and from the other and also to increase and lower explained gri pers.

5. A: upender machine the character described comprising, in combo, a pair of grippers installed to take part op osite aspects of your write-up, a pair of arms’on t e finishes in which the respective grippers are ivotally attached, a shaft having reverse y threaded amounts on which explained forearms are fitted, said arms possessing internally threaded components to interact with respectively with all the threaded portions of said shaft, and method for revolving mentioned shaft.

6. A upender machine of the figure explained comprising, in mixture, a set of grippers installed to interact with complete opposite ends of the article, a pair of arms on t e’ends which the individual grippers are fitted, a shaft having positely threaded. ortions where sai arms are fitted, said arms getting internally threaded elements to engage correspondingly using the-threaded servings of said s aft, 9. electric motor, and worm gearing contacts between stated electric motor and stated shaft for revolving the shaft.

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