upender packing machine is more than

.3-3 x1600mm Automated High Speed Slitting machine can achieve slitting pace of 120m/minutes with width and thickness adustable.

1. Basic technological guidelines

a) Materials of coils: carbon dioxide stainlesss steel, galvanized platter, colored metallic platter and many others.

b) Strip thickness: .3??3.0mm

c)Strip size: 600??1600mm

d)Internal diameter of coils: |μ508,|μ610

e)Outside size of coils: |μ1800mm.

f) Optimum. coil excess weight: 20T

2. Working process

Coil-reloading—-Double-mandrel uncoiling—-Coil-end-providing & shoveling—-Double-roller crunch serving/3-curler progressing—-Finish-slicing—-opening accumulator(1)—-Strip-aligning—-Drive slitting—-Scrap reeling—-Hole Accumulator(2)—-Pre-separator/Tensioner—-Recoiling—-Coils-discharging

3. Machine requirements

Shaft diameter: |μ220mm

Recoiler mandrel: |μ508mm

DC motors: 90KW for slitter, 110KW for recoiler

DC speed control: Eurotherm 590

Twice strips pre-separating while tensioning and once strips-separting while recoiling.

coil packaging series

.5~3X1500 slitting collection

Adhesive tape specialized info:

1.Resources: carbon metal, electric powered galvanized dish and the like.

2.Tape thickness: .5~3mm

3.Adhesive tape breadth: 1500mm

4.Inner size adhesive tape: Φ480 Φ508 Φ610mm

5.The maximum exterior diameter tape: Φ800~Φ2000mm

6.The highest bodyweight tape: 15000kg

7.Shear rate: ~ 100m/min adjustable

8.Size deviation: ±0.03mm

9.Twisting sickle deviation: ±0.10mm/m

Equipment flow:

Coil automobile—Dual-awal giving body—hydraulic primer mind entire body,shovel go,two rollers serving—Shear brain—Corrective establishments— Slitting machine—Squander silk rolling—Looper—predictly independent fabric—damping organization—uncoil gadget—coil down car

Hydraulic management;Electronic control

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