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The creation discloses a computerized upender which makes up an overturning framework as well as consists of conveying gadgets, a securing unit and a cylinder unit. The conveying devices are set up about the two sides in the automatic upender and employed for conveying a provider through the part of the inlet from the upender for the opposite side of the upender over a initial conveying rail, and presented the overturned carrier out on an additional promoting rail. The sealing device is set up on the complete opposite side in the inlet of your upender on the initially conveying rail, to ensure the sealing product can secure the company once the provider is communicated to the reverse part in the inlet in the upender. The tube unit is arranged higher than the first promoting rail inside of the upender, in order that the service provider is unlocked when simply being communicated on the opposite area in the inlet from the upender and being shut, the carrier is flatly pressed down, as well as the tube unit is utilized for promoting the service provider if the company is overturned. The design that the carrier and an overturning mechanism work at the same time is used, the overturning bearing capacity can be enhanced, the bearing capacity of the upender can reach 5 kilograms, meanwhile, dual-rail design is used, and the two functions of overturning and straight going are achieved, according to the automatic upender.

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