upender a preferred embodiment of your coil clamping

3 embodiment

[0014] Figure 1 reveals a schematic prohibit diagram of your present upender, Figure 2 demonstrates a left area take a look at Body 1. The converting device shown inside the embodiment by the rotating entire body 1, the sprocket 2, the electrical motor 5, the side support 6, the foot of the assistance 7, the weightlifting trolley 8, the clamp 10, the clamp 11, in which a chain 2 is resolved towards the turning body 1 , the reduced jig 10 and the clamp 11 is repaired to the within the revolving system 1, the job, to swivel alongside the spinning system. 6 and a base aspect help struts 7 to deliver support for the spinning physique 1. Raising trolley 8 is put in on top of the path 9.

[0015] operate, it will likely be using a bogie several pockets 3 making use of the original device drive the lift up station and parked the car 8, raise the automobile 8 bogie carriages 3 and 4 bring about the clamping situation, with Next fixture 10 and the uppr clamping fixture 11 pockets 3, forklifts 8 lower 3 and bogie a number of individual pockets, and changed the automobile framework 4 8 tumbles down, with the picking up trolley 8 declines below the soil, start up the carriage 3 is transformed position, total the related function, will coach 3 change directly into position, picking up within the auto 8, bogie a number of undertake carriage 3, loosen the clamp in the decrease clamp 10 and ll, forklifts 8 Reset kick off compartment 3. [0016] Inside the existing upender, an amount of two rotating physique, the motor unit using a engine can also be used two, correspondingly, to supply strength for each and every spinning entire body, the extended associate, the volume of the spinning entire body can be several. Also for gears, other, belts and steel transmission mode, even though in the present upender, is used between the motor and the rotating sprocket body.

The technology discloses an automated upender comprising a motor (1), a chain tire (2), a driving a car tire (3), a set holder (4), a turning rack (5), curler shelves (6), rollers (7), a powered wheel (8) plus a rotating wheel (9), where the chain tire (2) is organized in between an result shaft in the electric motor (1) as well as a turning shaft of your traveling tire (3) and is utilized for transmitting minute result with the motor (1) to the traveling tire (3) in order to drive the traveling tire (3) to rotate; the revolving holder (5) is rotatably organized on the resolved carrier (4) throughout the driving tire (3), the motivated tire (8) as well as the turning tire (9); the driving a vehicle tire (3) rotates in an attempt to generate the revolving carrier (5) to spin relatively to the resolved rack (4); at least two curler racks (6) are repaired on the rotating carrier (5); along with a plurality of rollers (7) are arranged around the curler shelves (6). According to actual requirements, the automatic upender has a simple structure, upending work stability and high moment transmission reliability; and an upending angle can be controlled.

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