upender a preferred embodiment for steel coil


According to the present upender is described in further detail [0014] The following Examples and the accompanying drawings.

[0015] Figure I in the present upender inside an intelligent upender turning machine schematic. [0016] Research numeral Outline:

Distinct embodiments

[0026] Figure I in the existing upender proposed a schematic structural look at automated reversing machine.

[0027] Discussing the sketches, the current upender offers an automated upender switching machine, including the electric motor I, the sprocket 2, push tire 3, the fixed framework 4, spinning structure 5, the tire framework 6, the roller 7, the driven wheel 8 and a turning tire 9, where

[0028] I sequence 2 is mounted on the motor unit output shaft and the axis of rotation of the drive tire 3 between the I production for your engine torque is transmitted towards the push shaft 3 is rotated to drive the traveling tire 3; rotating frame 5 by using the driving a car wheel 3 , the motivated tire 8 and the turning wheel 9 rotatably placed on the stationary supplies framework 4, the drive wheel 3 is rotated to drive the revolving framework 5 with regards to the fixed body 4 for vital activity; the turning frame 5 is repaired on at the very least two rollers structure 6, structure 6 is installed on the roller a plurality of curler 7.

[0029] The current upender provides an auto upender turning machine, intelligent upender switching machine once the mildew gets to a predetermined place if the machine, begin the output torque from the motor unit I, driven by the push sprocket wheel 2 travel wheel 3 is rotated and thus; drive tire 3 is rotated, motivated by rotation relative to the repaired structure 5 for rotation framework 4, to ensure that set about the rotary framework 5 follower curler framework 6, frame 6 is defined about the curler curler 7 is rotated along the axis of rotation from the rack 5 rotation. Through this transmission mode, turn the rack 5 with respect to the fixed frame 4 for 360 ?? continuous flip, and according to the actual production needs to move for a variety of occasions flipping job requirements.

[0030] In a favored embodiment, the travel wheel 3, the outside periphery in the driven tire 8 are set on the initial toothed structure, the revolving body 5 of the exterior periphery of your 2nd toothed framework, the 1st composition and also the secondly tooth two meshing teeth structure, and so the way throughout the meshing teeth composition to operate a vehicle the rotation of revolving framework 5, the torque transmitting stability, higher operating trustworthiness.

[0031] Generate tire 3, motivated pulley 8 is mounted on the revolving framework 5 below the spinning tire 9 is mounted along with the rotary body 5. Driving a vehicle tire 3 and also the pushed wheel 8 to get the turning rack 5 assisting position, set the rotary tire 9 to permit rotation in the rack 5 to keep up a predetermined trajectory to swivel in accordance with the fixed body 4.

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