tyre wrapping machine with the existing automated control

[0019] 5) interior connecting product will roll over to the tire interior packaging with sticky;

[0020] 6) wheels delivered to preparing tightening up products, home heating packing tape, packing tape so tightened tightly include on the tire.

[0021] The present tyre wrapping machine provides the advantages that: the tire packing machine and packaging methods, with recommendations to the wheel tread device might be situated around the feeding product giving the placement specifications lower, tire tread way parcels Packaging Tape on the tire tread relationship span is short, and also the interconnection level positioned only around the outside circumference from the tire to a point, lowering the tire can be broken while in coping with, to further improve the beauty of the bundle, and produces a lot less waste materials packagingmaterial usage, low cost packaging, the package deal flange tire and beams system product mounting system height may be altered, in order that the wheel tyre packing machine packing diverse dimension tires, compatibility, device owner with two home heating bonding the adhesive page and also the internal annular heating cutter equipment to reduce and even prevent the bundle generated with all the heating system methods of the speak to sticky, the sticky surface area to ensure the looks of the packaging belt tightening up device cooking near laminating the surface of the wheel, to boost the tightness in the package and robustness.


[0022] Body I the whole wheel structure packing machine;

[0023] Figure 2 is a straight packaging machine to deliver the wheel tread plan view of the unit;

[0024] Physique 3 is really a tire tyre wrapping packaging machine a front side see;

[0025] Figure 4 is really a tire outer packaging machine construction connecting device;

[0026] Body 5 is undoubtedly an interior connecting Wheel Tire packing a entrance see;

[0027] Body 6 can be a packing Wheel Wheel strategy look at the inner bonding device;

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