tyre wrapping machine with the existing auto operation

[0011] Ideally, said manual groove to 3, manual grooves are respectively toward the centre guideline shaft 3 o’clock, 9 o’clock, 12 o’clock direction in the wheel on the lively lever to initiate a energetic lever and two movable rod, a movable rod from the shaft with two movable rod attached to a movable rod fitted influx swept the most notable platter, two sports and activities bars and strut obstruct contacts, links with the other position movable rod linked in the same way; leftover jobs actions ancillary actions also installed pole rod movable rod suggestion is also linked to surf capturing travel, auxiliary movable rod conclusion plate and wave sweeping with the shaft coupled to the other end of the auxiliary actions from the lever and shaft hooking uppole and rod, productive lever, auxiliary movable rod, surf sweep platter developing a parallelogram railing companies have drive area influx capturing clean.

[0012] If possible, the adhesive means consists of said internal flange signifies are respectively attached to the mounting system of these two two linear information, are placed on the linear manual can push coupled a linear guide bracket, the top of the both features into the briquetting, briquetting in to the internal area of the disc-shaped stress dish, two in to the briquetting pressure plate in accordance with lamination.

[0013] Preferably, the stated stress plate, correspondingly cutting and chopping platen tension platter, the strain platter size smaller compared to the chopping slicing strain platter size, decreasing in the part in the stress plate is placed on a top-like compact in the blade protect , blade cover is installed in the annular heating cutter, the annular temperature cutter in reducing the exterior circumference from the platen, is provided by using a by means of golf hole to the small, the through pit is associated with waste materials recovery, including healing of your squander in to the briquetting vias connect the trachea, atmosphere push connected with the trachea.

[0014] a tire using the tire packing machine packing strategy, packaging phase as follows:

[0015] I) is going to be placed into the straight tire standing upright vertical on the device to send tires;

[0016] 2) tire tread package delivery service to devices, to bring up wheel implies the tire lift gadget package wheel tread movements across the packing tape wrapped in tire tread;

[0017] 3) talk about tire means the tire lower, the outer tyre packaging machine adhesive adhesive tape decreasing device and bonding at equally ends, whilst the outer engagement ring bonding product will cut off the packing tape from the other end with the package deal tire adhesion gadget attached;

[0018] 4) car tires mailed to the tire interior connecting device, packing tape flanging device will flick for the tire internal fringe of the tyre packaging machine adhesive tape within the sidewall;

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