tyre wrapping machine with automatic stretch wrapping

about the tire indicates the tire lower, and also the outside bonding arm 22 inwardly device 5, the left arm 22 of the two knife 23 shut, the baffle 24 is higher than the length of the home heating dish 25 is bonded the duration of the tool owner 23 of your baffle 24 about the initial exposure to packaging adhesive tape, two baffles 24, equally inward merger would Adhesive tape Lamination, instrument 23 proceeds inward merging, baffles 24 aquarium rehabilitation wizard, and after that warming the adhesive and the pressure platter 25 together with contact tyre packaging, the packaging with sticky, as each holder 23 is placed on the platter 25, two heating system the adhesive, the sticky packaging tape sticky work surface is actually created of two, resource 23 consistently inward and warmed adhesive platter 25 aquarium rehabilitation wizard, shearing blade 27 close, the two low-sticky surface area adhesion in between the packing tape slicing, packing adhesive tape is cut and packed with equally connecting, when tyre packaging adhesive tape is reduce one other end from the wheel signifies the bundle fixing unit 17 3 Tape tyre packaging machine with adhesive staying on the interconnection means 3 will make bundles proceed pulling tire bundle wrapped using a comprehensive wheel tread;

[0042] 4) wheels shipped to the wheel inner bonding equipment, flanging product 6 into the tire at a movable rod 35 ‘is mailed in parallel towards the top to bottom course from the wheel tread device to transmit, flanging device 6 into the core of the tire, Slip the sliding bracket 32, the movable rod 35 inwardly powered recuperation, a movable rod 35 ‘is also inward trying to recycle, energetic handle 35 to the very top in the influx sweep plate 37 will cover music band side of the wheel inner flip the base of the enthusiast 36 packaging music group benefit up coming, you will find no movable rod 35 beneath the packing adhesive tape, flick for the wheel inner edge of the tyre packaging machine tape fully covering the sidewall;

[0043] 5) on both edges in the interior bonding system 7 Slide the brackets 40, 41 are pushed by each side from the tension dish in to the briquetting merging will restrain varus packing tape, packing blade edges will cover 44 with strain slicing board in the platen 42, the annular heating cutter 45 will roll up to the tire internal packaging with sticky, the adhesive area right after turning reducing, packaging adhesive tape following decreasing waste materials throughout the through opening 41 to the portable is waste materials recovery pulled, the inner connecting device 7 homing;

[0044] 6) car tires mailed to baking tightening device 8, heating system packing adhesive tape, packing adhesive tape so tightened securely deal with around the wheel.

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