tyre wrapping machine with automated stretch wrapping

inner bonding system 7 comprises devices were actually installed in 6 two flange mounting platform 28 on two linear tutorials 39 are installed on a linear guide 39 across the linear information 39 with moving bracket 40, bracket 40 towards the top have got a stretches briquetting 41, 41 in the inside of a briquetting pressure platter, disc-molded, two into the briquetting pressure dish 41 may be fairly lamination.

[0037] Physique 7, the interior sticky implies 7 in the strain dish 42 correspondingly, cutting and chopping platen tension dish 43, the slicing diameter from the tension platter 43 stress plate 42 is smaller than the diameter chopping, reducing, pressure platter 43 – the side to the clamps tyre packing machine is placed on a top-like cover 44 of the knife, the knife deal with 44 is fitted in an annular warmth cutter 45, the annular heat cutter 45 is cutting the outside circumference of the pressure dish 43, to the clamps 41 is provided having a through golf hole , vias associated with waste materials healing, such as the rehabilitation of scrap briquetting 41 expands by way of hole linking the trachea, air water pump connected with the trachea.

[0038] The car tires from the wheel tyre packaging machine packaging procedures distinct embodiments are the following:

[0039] I) will likely be placed into the vertical tire ranking up-right about the device to send car tires, car tires positioned with all the top to bottom pub between your two gadgets to send out car tires, sequence travel rails so that the tire movements;

[0040] 2) tire tread parcel shipping to products, to bring up two cylinders tire system 4 extends down the horizontal side rails 19, 19 on two horizontal rails slider 20 towards the horizontal heart rail 19 slides, producing installing The reference to the slider 20 in to the wheel inner tire claw 21 wheel traction, two cylinder trying to recycle, wheel elevate the feeding gadget 2 about the packing tape product 3 is attached to pack wheel ray 16 furnishings on Adhesive tape 17, the package shift system 3 tire arm 15 to turn the shaft 14 as being the heart, led the pack using a beam 16 from the feeding product 2 is dragged out and around the tire tread campaign will place adhesive tape across the wheel tread;

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