tyre wrapping machine with automated stretch wrapping

on the wheel signifies the wheel lower, along with the outside bonding left arm 22 inwardly system 5, the arm 22 of these two blade 23 sealed, the baffle 24 is higher than the size of the heating system dish 25 is bonded the duration of the tool owner 23 of the baffle 24 around the very first connection with packaging adhesive tape, two baffles 24, each inward merger would Adhesive tape Lamination, instrument 23 persists inward merger, baffles 24 aquarium rehabilitation wizard, and then heating system the adhesive and the pressure dish 25 along with make contact with tyre packaging, the packaging with adhesive, as each holder 23 is attached to the dish 25, two heating the adhesive, the sticky packaging tape adhesive surface area is formed of two, instrument 23 is constantly inward and warmed up sticky platter 25 reservoir healing wizard, shearing blade 27 shut, the 2 low-sticky work surface adhesion between your packing adhesive tape decreasing, packing tape is minimize and packed with both connecting, when tyre packaging tape is minimize other end from the wheel implies the package deal repairing model 17 3 Tape tyre packaging machine with adhesive outstanding in the interconnection signifies 3 will make packages carry on taking wheel package wrapped using a comprehensive tire tread;

[0042] 4) wheels shipped towards the wheel inner bonding apparatus, flanging gadget 6 in the wheel in a movable rod 35 ‘is delivered in parallel on the straight path in the tire tread device to send, flanging device 6 into the center of the tire, Glide the moving bracket 32, the movable rod 35 inwardly driven healing, a movable rod 35 ‘is also inward trying to recycle, lively lever 35 to the top from the wave sweep dish 37 will place group side of the tire inner flick the bottom of the fan 36 packaging music group advantage upward blowing, you will find no movable rod 35 underneath the packing tape, turn for the tire interior edge of the tyre packaging machine adhesive tape completely within the sidewall;

[0043] 5) on both sides of the internal bonding product 7 Slip the brackets 40, 41 are motivated by each side of your pressure dish to the briquetting merging will restrain varus packing tape, packing knife ends will take care of 44 with stress cutting up table about the platen 42, the annular heating cutter 45 will roll to the tire internal packaging with adhesive, the adhesive surface after revolving slicing, packaging tape after reducing squander with the through pit 41 into the portable is spend recuperation sucked, the interior bonding device 7 homing;

[0044] 6) wheels transported to cooking tightening device 8, heating packing adhesive tape, packing adhesive tape so tightened tightly deal with about the wheel.

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