tyre packingmachine is more than the duration of device

[0004] The present tyre packing machine seeks to provide a strong and solid packing, packaging, great productivity, substantial utilization of product packagingmaterials and packaging, and low cost in the wheel packing machines, along with employ this tire packing machine packing strategy.

[0005] The current tyre packing machine can be a tire packing devices, makes up a vertical tire mailing device, give the vertical wheel tread means giving get inside the direction down the tread wrapping means is fitted, the tire inner adhesive indicates, preparing tightening up device, The tire tread from the wrapping implies consists of a rack, the rack is placed on the feeding gadget, which includes tire device refer to wheel implies, the exterior sticky implies, the give device is positioned higher than the apparatus deal wheel, a wheel inner sticky indicates consists of flange implies, the interior bonding device, the interior adhesive indicates placed on the flange implies.

[0006] If possible, the wheel of the shipping product comprises a straight base, attached to the bottom of the conveying implies, explained promoting means comprises two parallel stores, a plurality of vertically installed in between the chain and also the sequence movement path from the nightclub, a gap in between the club and also the same span, the wheel tread wrapping system attached to the foundation frame.

[0007] Preferably, said tread bundle makes up two symmetrically fitted from the holder shaft tyre packing machine seat and seating mounted on the shaft of the shaft, the shaft are installed on the boom, the left arm is mounted in between the straight beams, beams bolted towards the transfer arm, the beam has a bundle with set set up.

[0008] Preferably, the mention of the wheel, comprising two vertical cylinders attached in sequence, the top of the tube and connected to the chassis is coupled to the tube beneath the horizontal rails, horizontal rails mounted on two sliders of tyre packing machine , the slider can slip across the horizontal side rails, slip attached change inward to note wheel claw.

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