tyre packingmachine is in excess of the duration of equipment

As reported in claim I wherein the wheel packing machine, described for the reason that stated tread lift up gadget (4), contains a straight course of these two cylinders are connected in sequence, the top of the cylinder (18) using the rack (I) linked, and the lower cylinder (18 ‘) is linked to a horizontal guide rail (19), horizontal side rails (19) is installed on two sliders (20), slip (20) movable together horizontal rails (19) glide, the slip ( 20) placed on a wheel supplied with inwardly turn pawl (21).

5 in accordance with state I in which the wheel tyre packing machine, distinguished in this stated outer connecting indicates (5) makes up two symmetrically arranged arm (22), arm (22) attached to the upper end by way of a shaft Holder (I), the arm (22) attached to a lesser blade holder (23), two arm (23) about the holder (23) in accordance with pressing, the tool mind (23) is supplied with about three guide grooves , each guideline groove are respectively connected to the bezel (24) or warming the adhesive plate (25), baffle (24) along with the home heating the sticky platter (25) – equally comes to an end with a springtime (26) attached to the bottom from the manual groove, tyre packingmachine is in excess of the duration of the heating system the sticky plate (25) in length, each blade owner (23) comes with two warming the sticky dish (25), is likewise mounted on the reducing blade blade (27) , shear blade (27) found between the two heating system the adhesive plate (25), in between two device mind (23) relative to the job of urgent indicates in wheel package deal (3) beams (16) underneath the top place.

As professed in claim I wherein the wheel packing machine, characterized because explained flange means (6) makes up two symmetrically disposed mounting program (28), installation platform (28) by the weightlifting screw (29) mounted delivering means from the top to bottom basic wheel (9), the two installation program (28) implies can be found by two parallel straight wheel delivery service chain (11) either side from the installation system (28) is mounted on the auxiliary structure (30 ), auxiliary structure (30) installed together with the heart guide shaft (31), the guide shaft (31) is placed on movable along the information shaft (31) the slipping bracket (32), slide the bracket (32) is provided having a plurality guide shaft (31) because the heart outward inside a guideline groove (33), auxiliary framework (30) of your guide groove (33) is fitted a corresponding situation strut (34), the manual groove (33) is mounted across the internal manual lines (33) slidably movable prohibit, the movable block is set up on the energetic lever (35), the lively handle (35) – finish from the movable block through the shaft relationship, the productive handle (35) by a shaft and the middle strut tyre packaging machine is connected , flange means (6) placed on the basic further includes (9) on the promoting means tyre packing machine below the fan (36).

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