tyre packingmachine is higher than the length of equipment

According to claim I wherein the tire tire package packaging machine, characterized in that the packaging process is as follows, 10 Use: 1) standing upright erect in to the wheel tread straight delivery service means; 2) transported on the tire tread wrapping product, the product will raise wheel wheel raise system deal fetal movement throughout the tire tread, the wheel tread covered with packing tape on; 3) point out tire means the tire down, the external packaging sticky tape decreasing device and two stop bonding, connecting gadget while the external diamond ring will cut off one other stop of the packing tape adhesive exposure to the deal wheel device; 4) wheels shipped to the wheel interior connecting apparatus, device packaging tape flanging edge flipping on the wheel inner group the packaging adhesive tape within the sidewall; 5) inner bonding device will roll onto the tire inside packaging with sticky; 6) car tires shipped to preparing tightening devices, warming packing tape, packing tape to tighten the , tightly protect about the tire.

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Wheel packing machine and packing technique

Technological innovation

[0001] The present tyre packing machine pertains to a packaging machine and packaging method, especially, is really a packaging machine for packaging tire as well as a tire applying this packing machine packing approach.

Track record

Which uses ribbon packing materials, wrapping machine with a tire package material circle around the ribbon, wrapped around the edges overlapping tires, packaged this way because of overlapping winding, a large amount of packaging materials, packaging costs are high, serious waste of packaging materials and packaging easy to loose, poor stability, packaging, slow, packaging production is low, [0002] The tire packing methods are available for the wound.

[0003] earlier patent “Tire packing machine” (Patent No. ZL99117123. There are still many shortcomings, packaging molded together under the upper die of packaging, packaging tires need accurate positioning, position requirements, packaging technology requirements, the connection length long, the upper die and the lower die junction is located in the outer tread last week, totally exposed on the outside of the tire transportation prone to damage in the process, a solid weak, and the packing effect unsightly outer adhesive as a whole, produce more waste packaging, packaging material utilization is low, the packaging cost is high, although 3) the design of a tire packaging equipment, use of non-wrapped style packaging.

Breakdown Of THE tyre packing machine

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