tyre packing machine is more than

[0012] Preferably, the sticky signifies includes explained interior flange indicates are correspondingly placed on the installation program of the two two linear guide, are placed on the linear guide can slip alongside a linear guide bracket, the top of the both functions in the briquetting, briquetting to the interior part of your disc-designed pressure dish, two into the briquetting pressure plate relative to lamination.

[0013] Ideally, the mentioned pressure plate, respectively chopping and cutting platen stress platter, the pressure dish size small compared to the chopping cutting strain platter size, decreasing in the area from the strain plate is installed on a cover-like small of your blade protect , blade deal with is mounted within the annular warmth cutter, the annular heat cutter in slicing the outside circumference of the platen, is supplied by using a through hole to the portable, the by means of opening is associated with squander recuperation, which include recuperation of your spend to the briquetting vias connect the trachea, air flow push linked to the trachea.

[0014] a tire using the tire tyre packing machine packing strategy, tyre packaging stage as follows:

[0015] I) will be put into the top to bottom wheel standing up upright around the system to send out tires;

[0016] 2) tire tread package shipping to gadgets, to bring up tire implies the tire lift device package wheel tread movements throughout the packing adhesive tape covered with wheel tread;

[0017] 3) mention tire means the tire lower, the exterior packaging sticky tape decreasing device and bonding at the two ends, as the external band bonding product will shut down the packing tape from your opposite end with the package deal tire adhesion product hooked up;

[0018] 4) wheels mailed to the tire internal bonding equipment, packing tape flanging gadget will flick towards the wheel inside edge of the tyre packaging tape covering the sidewall;

[0019] 5) interior bonding system will roll up to the wheel inner tyre packaging with adhesive;

[0020] 6) car tires mailed to preparing tightening devices, heating packing tape, packing tape so tightened snugly cover on the wheel.

[0021] The present tyre packing machine has the benefits that: the tire packing machine and packaging methods, with referrals to the wheel tread product could be positioned around the giving device giving the location specifications low, tire tread way parcels Packaging Tape in the wheel tread interconnection duration is simple, as well as the interconnection stage found only around the outer circumference of the tire to a point, decreasing the wheel could be destroyed while in coping with, to improve the good thing about the package deal, and provides a lot less squander tyre packaging packaging material application, low priced packaging, the package deal flange tire and beams unit device installing program size may be modified, in order that the tire tyre packing machine packing different dimension auto tires, compatibility, device holder with two home heating bonding the sticky sheet along with the internal annular heat cutter device to minimize as well as stay away from the package deal created with all the warming method of the make contact with adhesive, the adhesive area to ensure the appearance in the packaging belt tightening up device baking close up laminating the top of the wheel, to enhance the tightness of your robustness and package.

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