tyre packing machine in Chinese supplier

The tyre packing machine discloses a tyre packing machine, which consists of a straight tyre serving product. A tyre surface area wrapping product, a tyre inside engagement ring connecting device and a baking and tightening up system are sequentially arranged around the vertical tyre giving device across the tyre serving course. A tyre raising gadget in the tyre packing machine can be used positioning a tyre, the necessity for the placing position of a materials provided by way of a feeding device is low, the joint of packing tapes at first glance of your tyre is short, and also the joints is just positioned at the particular situation about the exterior periphery of your tyre; the odds of breakage in the tyre in the transporting procedure is lowered, packing artistic experiencing is marketed, little packing squander is created, the employment level of any packing material is substantial, and also the packing pricing is low; by modifying the level in the tyre packing gadget, the tyre packing machine can be used packing tyres with various dimensions which is powerful in compatibility; by way of two heating system connecting plates over a resource sleep and an annular popular knife from the internal ring bonding gadget, charm of your bonding surface is guaranteed; and thru the cooking and tightening device, the packing tapes are snugly connected to the surface of the tyre, and packing firmness and tightness are enhanced.

Boasts(10) translated from Chinese

1 A tire package, described for the reason that the device features a top to bottom deliver tire, tire means the top to bottom delivering get inside the path down the delivery tire tread wrapping implies is mounted, the tire inner sticky means, cooking tightening up means (8), stated wheel tread wrapping means consists of a rack (1), body (I) is placed on a giving system (2), including the tire indicates (3), to mention tire means (4), the external diamond ring bonding signifies (5), serving means (2) in packet tire signifies (3) above, where the sticky signifies comprises a tire interior flange implies (6), the interior adhesive means (7), the inner stick engagement implies (7) mounted on the flange means (6).

(2) as professed in claim I wherein the tire packing machine, characterized in that said product comprises a straight shipping and delivery tire base (9), installed on the foundation (9) on the conveying signifies (10), said conveying implies (10) makes up two parallel chains (11), sequence (11) carries a plurality of vertically fitted involving the sequence (11) direction of movement the bar (12), bar (12) and a clearance involving the exact same period of time, the tire tread ⑴ wrapping product placed on the bottom structure (9).

3 based on state I whereby the wheel packing machine, distinguished in this said tread package deal model (3) consists of a symmetrically attached to the structure (I) of the two shaft seating (13) and attached to the shaft chair (13 ) inside the shaft (14), the shaft (14) are set up on the left arm (15), the arm (15) is mounted involving the top to bottom beams (16), beam (16) by a bolt repaired towards the spinning arm (15) about the beam (16) is supplied with packing adhesive tape lighting fixtures (17).

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