tyre packing machine in Chinese supplier

The tyre packing machine discloses a tyre packing machine, which consists of a straight tyre feeding gadget. A tyre area wrapping gadget, a tyre internal ring connecting tool and a preparing and tightening gadget are sequentially established around the vertical tyre feeding product across the tyre giving direction. A tyre picking up gadget of your tyre packing machine can be used as location a tyre, the requirement of the setting position of a materials given from a feeding device is low, the joints of packing tapes on the outside from the tyre is quick, and the joint is merely placed with a particular placement in the external periphery of the tyre; the possibilities of damage of the tyre in the having method is lowered, packing visual experiencing is promoted, little packing waste materials is created, the usage amount of the packing substance is great, along with the packing price is lower; by changing the height in the tyre packing device, the tyre packing machine can be used for packing tyres with assorted dimensions and it is powerful in compatibility; via two warming bonding dishes on the resource relax and an annular very hot knife from the inside ring bonding product, attractiveness of your bonding area is guaranteed; and through the baking and tightening up device, the packing tapes are tightly connected to the surface of the tyre, and packing firmness and tightness are better.

Boasts(10) converted from China

1 A tire package deal, described in this the equipment incorporates a top to bottom give wheel, wheel indicates the straight delivering order from the route along the shipping and delivery wheel tread wrapping means is mounted, the wheel inside adhesive indicates, preparing tightening indicates (8), explained tire tread wrapping implies includes a carrier (1), frame (I) is attached to a serving system (2), including the wheel indicates (3), to note tire indicates (4), the outer diamond ring connecting means (5), feeding means (2) in packet wheel implies (3) previously mentioned, in which the sticky means includes a wheel internal flange means (6), the interior sticky implies (7), the inner stay proposal means (7) installed on the flange implies (6).

(2) as reported in claim I where the wheel packing machine, distinguished in this explained gadget includes a vertical delivery service tire base (9), placed on the base (9) around the conveying means (10), explained promoting indicates (10) includes two parallel stores (11), chain (11) includes a plurality of vertically attached between the chain (11) direction of motion the pub (12), bar (12) and a clearance in between the exact same span, the wheel tread ⑴ wrapping product placed on the base frame (9).

3 in accordance with declare I whereby the tire packing machine, distinguished in this mentioned tread bundle device (3) makes up a symmetrically placed on the structure (I) of the two shaft seat (13) and installed on the shaft seat (13 ) inside the shaft (14), the shaft (14) are installed on the left arm (15), the arm (15) is attached between the top to bottom beams (16), beam (16) with a bolt repaired to the spinning arm (15) about the beam (16) is provided with packing tape lighting fixtures (17).

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