tyre packaging machine to conquer the existing automatic equipment

[0023] 2, the power model auto wheel packing models, tyre wrapping papers improved control approach, using synchronous braking control technique, if the wrapping paper supply process is done, scissors, rapidly shut down the wrapping document, packaging and prevent braking system the holder, in an attempt to effectively management the wrapping plate, to prevent the inertial rotation of the adhesive tape triggered uncertainty, and decreased components setup, the cosmetic outcome achieved.

According to the PLC program preset tire parameters, automatic clamping, gripping tires, and with automatic, manual adjustment mode so that the tire positioning is more accurate, controllable, simple operation, [0024] 3, the utility model automatic tire packing machine, under pressure to improve the tire fixed clip and systems system.

[0025] 4, the energy version automatic tire tyre packing machine, raising put in with automated pasting product control and identification factors to the packaging and labeling linked product comes with an automated mechanical arm, directed with the cylinder reciprocating pushing papers conclusion carried out, in order to obtain automatic packaging, self-sticky logo design using the function to improve the task productivity.

[0026] To sum up, the power of the latest automatic tire tyre packing machine, to the positioning, gripping, packaging and tires out of the uterus entirely auto, highly mechanized, smart handle, enhance performance, decrease fees, a lot more favorable to basic safety and enviromentally friendly defense . The application model has got the over pros and functional value, no matter its framework or purpose of the product Jieyou higher advancement is technically substantial progress, and made a practical and useful result, and also the complete compared to the present Auto wheel packing machine with boosting effectiveness, and consequently a lot better for useful.

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