tyre packaging machine comprising a body

[0006] A wheel packing machine, comprising a structure, explained frame is supplied using a swivel launching, explained launching is provided using a swivel belt for winding bundle plate, mentioned starting swivel with an external circumferential surface area team tangent rotatable assistance wheels, on sides in the launching of your swivel roller features a energy, each of mentioned two potential rollers plus a travel mechanism connected to mentioned two power rollers every furnished with an higher movable pressure roller, the power curler, the stress curler and associated with stated structure.

[0007] Ideally, said drive process including a engine, said electric motor set to explained framework, explained electric motor via a buckle and connected to the energy curler.

[0008] If possible, the strain roller by a pneumatic tube linked with stated structure.

[0009] The practical solution offers the subsequent helpful outcomes: the wheel tyre packing machine used, the first bundle from the tire to become suspended on two strength rollers, as well as 2 rollers transfer on the tire sandwiched involving the power along with the stress curler between your rollers, and after that travel launching swivel swivel whilst driving a car mechanism through vibrant idlers, potential driven curler tire rotation, to obtain the tire bundle. The tyre packaging machine from the function method wheel, the wheel suspensions of the strength rollers can promise is not deformed as soon as the tire rotates, the wheel tension curler pushed to prevent rotation in the wheel occurs during the whipping, to ensure the tire from the power pushed curler may be uniformly rotation, swivels concurrently the launching from the wheel may be uniformly wrapped across the package deal, to ensure the wheel can efficiently boost the quality of the packaging, the packaging in the tire more wonderful. Description

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