tools are specially orbital wrapping machine

CNC lathe machine

Max. golf swing above your bed/ saddle mm 505/340

Maximum. machining size mm 500/250

switching heart

Fanuc process

NL504SA CNC Lathe Machine with slant your bed

1, Technological explanation

NL504S horizontal CNC lathe is made being a increase-coordinate, semi-closed-loop lath, with two axes shifting all at once. The main orbital wrapping machine adopts horizontal bed. It utilizes rectangle-shaped plastic-type-metal guideways and possesses a

good dynamic conduct, higher firmness, very good nick removing efficiency and nice perspective and will widely meet

the top-performance-developing interest in small, and method aspects of the automotive, mold, other, aerospace and instrumentation market sectors.

Usage, 1 and performance of stretch wrapping machine

stretch wrapping machine CNC slow-moving-Wire Reducing machine can approach types of carrying out supplies for example steel, heating-resistant metal, solidified stainlesss steel, challenging alloy, especially ideal for machining dies for example impact passes away, intensifying die, hard alloy accuracy sintering pass away rich in digesting accuracy and reliability and roughness. Machine has higher accuracy, excellent stability, wealthy NC function, affordable price rich in efficiency with price, which is fantastic for mildew manufacturing.

Efficient heartbeat energy without the need of opposition, optimum slicing rate is in excess of 200mm / minutes.

Reducing Precision ≤ /- .005mm.

The base surface roughness Ra ≤ .6μm.

AE Anti–electrolysis power source ensures superb reducing area good quality.

Highest minimize slope is /- 15 levels / 100mm.

2, Quality:

By/Y/U/V/Z Linear guideline way and ball screw

X/Y/U/V/Z Panasonic Company Air conditioning servo driver and motor

Grundfos pump

Top quality Manufacturing personal computer

Steel worktable

Base work surface roughness Ra ≤ .6μm

Finish precision .005mm

Vacation of X/Y/Z: 500/320/250mm

CNC process: do-it-yourself by Chinese suppliers Institution of Electro-Machining

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