to the wrapping stop of the cable wrapping machine


- the wrapper in the cable, is fitted the same construction of resser- Oct and driving engagement ring, found in pulling the wrapper as shown from the sketches, which finish of the wrapper brings another very similar constructionof puller adjusted for usage in wrapping near a group, these buildings being proven in Statistics 5, 7 to 10. In Stats 7, and 9, the bracket ’74 attached to band 42 bears the block ’15 with modification ‘screw 76, pressure springs ’77, presser-foot “79 and serving engagement ring or puller 80, the bracket 74 being pivoted on band 42 by stud bolt 81 and kept in operative or inoperative situation of the presser-ft . and puller by early spring get 82, all considerably the same as described previously mentioned in connection with the pusher in the complete opposite finish of your cable coil wrapping machine. The advance stop of your wrapper bears, also, the same design with the exception that the .wide presser-foot is omitted as well as the puller roller 83 is attached with the exterior part from the engagement ring 42 to swivel up and down and provided with a slim rib 6 which acts for moving the wrapper over the cable.’. In this particular development, 84 is the adjustable bracket on ring 42, 85 the adjustment screw hauling prevent 86 withthe tension springs 87 pushing on prohibit 86 having stud 69 on what is mounted the puller 83, bracket 84 being pivoted on band 42 by stud bolt 90 and locked in operative or inoperative situation through the springtime catch 91, drastically as with the construction in the past described. Both pull-.

ers of Figures 8 and 7 are proven in operative position, like Body 1A, the nuts 10 on anchoring screws ’76, 85 being manage around launch the blocks 75, 86 for operation within the stress ofsprings 77, 87.

The engine D rotates the wrapper by means of gear 44 fascinating the interior items on band 42 at sometimes end in the wrapper, this items 44 simply being carried on stubshaft 92 fitted in bearings removably guaranteed about the saddle engagement ring portion 32 so asto’ change in from a single end from the cable coil wrapping machine towards the other as needed. The shaft from your motor to this stub shaft 92 is made by two telescoping pieces94 and 93, which components are linked by swiveled joints, correspondingly, to the stub shaft 92 plus a shaft 95 motivated by bevel gears 96, 97 from your straight motor shaft. This shaft 95 is installed on proceedings in the ring cover 98 which is swiveled to make round the axis of your motor unit shaft and kept by spring camh 6, to ensure that by releasing the catch, driving a car shaft 95 may be transformed finish for conclusion berow the electric motor shaft, thus permitting the reversal of your shafts 92, 93, 94 for switching the wrapper E for the complete opposite side in the motor unit, that is certainly,

left from the motor in the situation demonstrated in Body。

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