Tilter and upender


tilter, upender + converyor

tilter, upender + conveyor


Hydraulic compartment tilter and upender

1.Weightlifting bodyweight: 4-12t

2.Weightlifting elevation: .9-1.7m

3.Use hydraulic tilter and upender weightlifting program

Hydraulic Pot tilter:

Upender Company is focused on seeking specialist mass finalizing, adding innovative pot discharging technological innovation very much at the start of which supplies may be released from storage containers regardless of 20 or 40 feet`s boxes. Boxes may be marked to the container discharging foundation or via a crane raising those to the box discharging program


box unloading devices

1.Weightlifting bodyweight: 4-12t

2.Raising size: .9-1.7m

3.Use hydraulic tilter and upender raising method

4.Simple to use

Portable dock ramp explanation :

(1) Electric handle functioning is very easy, just hit the option, control the platter will quickly climb; Release the switch,

modify platter by dead weight declines, loose-leaf platter put on the pickup truck can make use of.

(2) Hydraulic method makes use of Italy, the very first transfer of product of high quality brand, performance is remarkable, small servicing.

(3)From the power system, large oils cylinder soars the whole willing table, to best placement, little gas tube actually starts to operate,

easily get to from loosened-leaf plate, size realignment platter all employs the Shanghai fhope packaging machine premium quality attractive pattern platter ,

the utilizing life is very long.

(4)With the help of mobile dock ramp, forklift can straight enter car-mounted pot to un-load items.

(5)Mobile phone dock ramp foundation utilizes contra–skid diamonds mesh , upholster |? 4 metallic, which may increase the contra –skid operate, and

If the rain and snow, also does not affect the loading and unloading of goods, increased the strength of the dock ramp, even.

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