This machine is commonly used for creating enlacing range and packing collection


This machine can be used to make enlacing line and packing range. It might use to pack alcohol and also other everyday use.


1.The cylinder and screw are nitrogenation handled and exact refined. So, it is wearable, hard and anti-cauterization.

2.The entire establish adopts perch brake driving a vehicle. So the rewinding is very smooth..

3.The electrical part adopts braking system driving a vehicle. So, it can help to save power 30%.

4.The noise is very low, no dirt, enviromentally friendly and power conserving.


1.The machine is suitable for laminating plastic material-plastic-type material, paper-plastic, papers-paper and aluminum foils and also other laminated resources within the packing business.

Performance and characteristics:

1) Dual-electric motor gluing and laminating, twin-brought in variable volume synchronous power over motor unit speed have modified the last shaft transmission system.

2)dependable material transferring, up to synchronous linear rate, assuring frequent tensile modulus.

3) The home heating of your link dual drying tunnel improves the heat so as to make your laminating speed even greater

4) Two gluing methods-scraping-knife type or extruding type can be selected at will according to different technologies

5) Silver fasten temp manage system will manage the temperatures in the finest state

6) Gluing and composite elements uses splitting driving mode, with good thing about compact structure and lower problem level

7) Substantial performance, low priced and saving energy.

.The machine is made with global superior coating technological innovation incorporated with the years of encounters in developing finish machine.

2.It can be ideal for manufaturing sticker, adhesive tape warm stamping film, laser silver, gold and film paperboard which need layer and laminating.

Performance and Characteristics:

1.It can be provided with stepless velocity legislation cylinder of Us Emerson frequency converter,acknowledging synchronous pace regulation of drawing curler with anilox roller.

With advantage ofaccurate and sensible, contra–jamming.

2.It really is supplied with anilox roller as well as blade for covering method, and also supplied with a lot of choice opportunities of anilox roller with assorted covering quantity.

3.Moveable blade device.

4.It is actually furnished with separaet 5 various-area variety frequent temp drying system using semiconductor pipe as well as warming wind.

in addition to adjiustable interior blood flow air emptying and suction power devices.

5.It is helpful in powerful wind flow-wind and exit entry ways, aiding dring thoroughty.

6.Leading roller in your oven will synchronously rotates with major shaft.

7.Solenoid operated valve controllin is used for anilox reller and attracting curler.

8.Automated gauge-calculating devices.

9.Essential setting air flow shaft is commonly used for unwinding and rewinding shafts, simple to fill and un-load.

10.Comma blade tand adopt pneumatic pushing.

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