This equipment is relevant to daily chemical substance

This equipment is applicable to every day substance sector with automatic vibrating feeding gadget. Major machine is safe with aluminum defensive protect. Emergency quit when safety include is open for the utmost safety minimizing disturbance. PLC control for each and every station. No jar no load. Instantly finds malfunctioning merchandise, for example: merchandise without the need of plug, no put or no external cap. Machine stops of these defective products. Will re-function when these products taken care of. It will count up when dismissing concluded items.

No bottle or incorrect placement, it does not job..

The drive vibrate to lower the limit, and the manipulator picks the hats effectively, the caps are held by tube (the holding pressure may be controlled), there’s no problems whenr growing the caps.

The wresting pressure may be altered when sealing distinct caps.

There’s pillow setting around the go in the securing cap to help decrease the shattering rate.

The whole machine has got a lot of self-examination: the machine will quickly end when no bottle to lock, obstructing when out of get out of, improper orientation, dumpage of your container.

The locking head parts and the star tray can be replaced according to different container or bottle caps, the replacing operation is easy

Machine specification:

Product RGXG 50C

cap style screw cover

capacity 40-50b/min

voltage 3? 380V/AC220V

power 1.2KW

taking in threshold 30L/ minutes

excess weight 700kgs

Caps coordinating, decrease intelligent, easy functioning. Bottles entrance in line, steady capping, higher productivity and fast (capping rate is several instances as quickly as intermittent capping). Frictional capping and rotary container promoting, no shake and noises. End itself when meeting difficulties without any bottles, it is actually far more protection. Suitable to bottles of numerous requirements with attach.

Machine requirements :

Production 50-200 bottles/min

Package specifications ? 30-120mm

Motor complete strength 1000W

Voltage 220V 50-60Hz

Proportions 1800×850×1850mm

Bodyweight 720Kg

Hats arranging, drop intelligent, simple procedure. Containers entrance in series, ongoing capping, substantial effectiveness and speedy (capping speed is two or three instances as quickly as intermittent capping). Frictional capping and rotary jar promoting.

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