thermoforming of your extruded sheet

Fantastic benefits are offered to the consumer with the IN LINE items.

IMPROVED Merchandise Top quality

As a result of intermediate thermoforming in the extruded page, the qualities in the page are uniform. This permits, inside the pursuing period of thermoforming, increased structural and mechanical properties and much better aesthetic appearance of your ultimate product or service. Lighter weight formings may be generated with the same solidity. In series technologies provides the maximum performance, particularly for lean walled items. Additionally, the instant trying to recycle of your scrap helps prevent contaminants and contributes to better expertise of the item.

Greater USE OF Power

When forming, the left over temp of your extruded sheet reduces the quantity of warming necessary.


The down-time associated with roll transforming is eradicated and you have the ability to quickly right any troubles arising from the extruded page together with the a minimum of scrap.

Place Lowering

Together with the in-range extruder, the winding of the page into moves is removed, saving all the coping with time and storage requirements. The compactness of your line, the removal of the need to store moves of page and the immediate reprocessing in the scrap give you a industry lowering of the room essential.


The fishing line might be managed by one user only. In simple phrases: better = less expensive.

Major extruder size (mm)120

Maximum. ability Playstation (kg/h)800

Optimum. potential PP (kg/h)650

Co-extruder diameter (millimeters)/

Max. sheet breadth (millimeters)750

Kind of calenderlaminating

Max. developing device region (mm)705×400

Max. shaping area (millimeters)685×340

Generating processpressure

Developing clamping pressure (daN)40000

Trimming push of different hit/

Be aware75° tilting mould in mould cutting

Production rate for: (Computers/h)

Std. 200 cc glass PP 2,6 gr.77000

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