The whole slitting steel coil packaging line

Fundamental specialized variables:

1.1 Relevant material:

(1) chilly / warm rolled carbon dioxide metal (δb≤520MPa,δs≤345MPa)

(2) Thickness of steel strip: .3-1.0mm

(3) Width of metallic strip: 25-80mm

(4) Coil I.D.: Φ350-Φ450mm

(5) Coil O.D.: Φ600-Φ1000mm

(6) Optimum. coil excess weight: 800kg

1.2 Dimension selection of completed pipe:

(1) O.D.: Φ8-Φ25mm

(2) Walls thickness: .3-1.0mm (sq pipe≤0.8mm)

(3) Duration: 4-8m

1.3 Process flow:

Metal coil→ decoiling → shearing and butt welding →accumulating → non-energy progressing →forming →high-frequency welding → deburring→ chilling → sizing →straightening → fixed size reducing → supplying

1.4 Line pace: 20-100m/min

1.5 High-regularity power: solid status 100 kW

1.6 Complete line floors space: L×W=30 × 4.5 m

1.7 Set up capability:

a. Motor energy: 30kW 7.5kW 4kW 1.5kW 2.2kW =45.2 kW

b. Substantial consistency welder: sound status 100 kW

1.8 Power supply: Air conditioning 3-380V / 50Hz

2. Launch of principal parts:

2.1 Decoiler: Double-side 360o rotary guide development, which guarantee metallic coil providing alternatively to make metal strip going to accumulator openly.

2.2 Shear and butt welder: Which make sure 2 coil metallic strips shearing tidily and then welding with each other.

2.3 Accumulator and steel coil packaging line:

(1) Structure: Cage-type steel welded framework with automated providing program.

(2) Adjusting method: Manual spiral modifying.

(3) Gathering quantity: 150-300m.

2.4 sizing, welding and Forming device:

(1) Supply leveler:

Sort: 7 inactive questing rollers for progressing steel strip to make it stepping into roll creating device effectively.

Side information roller: 1 set

(2) Roll creating gadget:

Roll-creating metal control and strip weld seam.

a. Horizontal curler stand:

Volume: 8

Construction: steel throwing, double gantry framework, area curler altering

Horizontal roller shaft size: Φ36mm, materials: 40Cr

b. Vertical roller stay:

Volume: 9

Type: Unaggressive rotation

Diameter of top to bottom curler shaft: Φ20mm, substance: 45# metallic

c. Sub-motivated equipment package

Volume: 8

Structure: Spiral bevel equipment, cylindrical equipment and steel coil packaging line

Substance: outer shell: QT50, Spiral bevel items: 20CrMnTi, cylindrical equipment: 40Cr, input And output shaft: 40Cr

Power transmitting: 16 computers of cardan shaft

(3) Guiding, squeezing and welding deburring product:

a. 1 group of information roll stand for handling weld seam course

b. 2 groups of compressing roll stand for controlling weld seam to understand qualified welding.

c. 2 sets of deburring body for deburring the exterior weld seam

(4) 1 list of cooling normal water reservoir: duration 500mm.

(5) Sizing product:

Good shaping and manage size accuracy right after welding. Each 6 groups of horizontal roll stay, top to bottom roll stand and sub-driven gearbox, 12 computers of cardan shafts. (Very same framework as forming gadget)

(6) Straightening device:

Type: Turk’s brain sort, 2 moves × 2 sets

(7) Main driving system:

a. Main electric motor: Z4 range DC 30 kW 1 established

b. Primary reducer: ZLY160 4-out shafts 1 established

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