The utility product refers to an upender

According to claim 2, wherein a U-turn rotary upender machine side, characterized in that, 3: stated two magnetic groove base dish from a coupling connecting the repaired dish is integrally resolved.

DESCRIPTION converted from Asian

Rotary edge upender machine upender

Modern technology

[0001] This energy model refers to a U-change system, particularly a rewrite-edge upender machine upender.

[0002] In modern rotary drums part of upender machine entire body, producing metal can extensively. The traditional rotary sewing upender machine body on drums, metal tank for spin edge processing, often only one end of a spin on its side processing, it is like have to complete a metal drum body, metal tank spin edge processing need to be processed twice, while the traditional spin on the lack of corresponding edge upender machine upender, only by virtue of the operator manually body metal drums, metal tank from removing a U-turn under the fixed installation jig, so not only will a lot of waste processing and production time , lower production efficiency, but also greatly increased the operator’s labor intensity.

In order to solve doing a U-turn brought various deficiencies, some rotary upender machine using a mechanism hand side instead of doing a U-turn, but the complex structure of the robot, the use of U-turn speed stability and have certain deficiencies, not meet edge upender machine spin speed, stable production needs, while the robot body is easy to metal drums, metal tank barrel wall, tank wall causing scratches, impact body metal drums, metal tank post production processing, [0003].

Practical new content material

[0004] The upender aspires to provide a approach to automatically turn around and ” spin ” benefit upender machine automatically upender.

[0005] To obtain the over thing, the current power design is implemented technological alternatives: A You-turn rotary sewing upender machine, comprising a framework, structure rails, turn around and organizations.

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