The Stretch Wrapping Machine, Version: COILWRAP-1044 is aSTRETCH WRAPPING Devices


Machines useful for volume packing with stretch wrapping principle

Pallet Wrapping: Stretch wrapping – Items like yarns, carton bins, polyester yarns, throwing, mango pulp tins , braking system drums, Television set back end kitchen cabinets, color pails, sacks etc

Sizing: 1200mm L by 1200 W x 2600 H or custom

Roll Wrapping (Textile rolls): Stretch wrapping – denim fabric, curtain towel, carpeting, foam linens, fabrics, film and upholsteries paper. Roll thickness 1800mm and roll size 600mm or custom made

Reel Wrapping: Stretch wrapping – Models likefilm and paper, foil having a cocoon sort packing

Pallet dimensions- 1150 x 1150 by 2500 millimeters H. Reel diameter- 300-1000 mm; Reel size – Upto 1800 mm or customized

Ring Wrapping: Stretch wrapping – accuracy and precision – finished metal shafts/pipes, inflexible PVC water lines, aluminium as well as othersections and doors, bundles of towel and many others. Product or service Diameter – 30-1500 mm; Product size- Min 500 to any duration or custom made

Mini Roll Wrapping: Stretch wrapping – retread rubberized, paper moves, foils, movie moves, accommodating coils, packages, spools and cables

Roll size – 600 mm; Roll width – 100-300 mm or custom made

Carton Box Stretch Wrapping: Stretch wrapping – Apparels, Clothes, computer parts, handicrafts and food merchandise loaded in Carton cases. Container dimensions: 600×600; Level: 700 mm (28″) or customized

Coil Wrapping: Stretch wrapping – Torus molded goods Minutes. ID: 400mm; OD: Max. 980mm; Minutes. 650mm

Palletizer: A semi auto system intended for cost-effective palletizing and wrapping of pallets Stretch Video LLDPE stretch film with 300Per cent stretch with 23 micron density or custom made.

Stretch Motion picture: LLDPE stretch motion picture with 300Percent stretch with 23 micron thickness or custom


Equipment employed for the output of rubberized garden hose/ high pressure hydraulic hoses

Hose Wrapping: Accommodating mandrel Wraps and unwraps versatile mandrel at rates of speed up to 1000 rpm brain pace with regular tension and pitch with condition-of-the-art work servo systems and PLC. Production: up to 60m/minutes

Hose Wrapping: Rigorous mandrel Wraps and unwraps inflexible mandrel at rates of speed upto 600rpm brain rate with steady tension and pitch with status-of-the-craft servo PLC and systems. Generation: up to 35m/minutes

Caterpillar: Haul off of solutions for extrusion line or tugging apps for accommodating or inflexible mandrels

Take-up/ Permit-away: Heavy duty hose reel permit-off of and take-up system with synchronization with hose wrapping system

Tapewetting & winding: Heal Adhesive tape Winding and Wetting Machine with pneumatic foot and brake move manage

Cable Braiding: Top to bottom / Horizontal machine with single/ increase outdoor patio design

Wirewinder: Parallel winder created to guarantee finest quality in winding bobbins for use in braiding equipment

Speed: 400m/min

Yarn Braiding: Top to bottom / Horizontal machine with individual/ twice outdoor patio development

High-speed braider – Vertical: Best machine for 3 above 3 high speed braider with letoff and takeup solutions suitable for “Suraksha” LPG hoses as well as other SAE variety hoses

High speed braider – Horizontal: Suitable machine for 3 more than 3 high-speed braider with caterpillar solutions appropriate for “Suraksha” LPG hoses along with other SAE sort hoses

Braider takeup and letoff: Braider takeup solutions such as servo device controlling great pitch and constant stress settable in HMI

Garden hose Knitting: Knitting on hoses like radiator garden hose, automotive heater and coolant hoses, atmosphere hoses and a variety of very similar low stress hoses employed in automobiles as well as other apps. Hose diameter from 6mm to 150mm employing with perfect secret and cam agreement


Equipment utilized for the shrink wrapping assortment of goods

Version – Application: To wrap numerous types of models like textile, beverages, disposables, garments, food and cosmetics and many others.

Design – H80 Series: Use in market sectors like garments, bottles and apparels book web publishers,beverages and cosmetics, meals etc.
H 120-150-200-250 Series: To wrap longer goods like beds, profiles and panels….

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