The stretch wrapping machine can link up production great

Little Duck Supermarket refrigeration equipment E6 OAKLAND with CE qualification


1.- 1 ~ 7 diploma for sale and displaybeverage and products, dairy food, and all kinds of DengRi marked with food and fruitsfruits and vegetables, and so forth.

2.There are actually several specs: 1875mm 2100mm, length, 3750mm 2500mm.Can be jointed with each other to suit your length specifications.

Qualities OF Product or service

1.Large amount, deal with an area of the location small.

2.Communicate highly of high and low frontier, sizeable region.

3.Lighting effects shelf, Angle changeable.

4.Using wedge and laminar wind flow back from your wind flow, heat consistency and technology can successfully decrease freezers usage.

5.The fins space evaporator structure, improve freezers functioning time efficiently.

1. Fully automated/Semi-auto

2. Linked with PLC centered automated control system

BZ-3 roll stretch wrapping machine

multi operating situation

capacity: 120-180 guide moves per hour

BZ-2 roll stretch wrapping machine

double operating position

capability: 80-100 reference moves per hour

BZ-1 roll stretch wrapping machine

individual functioning place

capacity: 50 reference point rolls per hour

Semi-automated kraft stretch wrapping machine

ability: 15-30 guide rolls per hour

Semi-automatic wrapping machine (stretch kraft and film wrapping)

ability: 20 research rolls an hour

This shrink wrapping machine matches for refreshment,water to drink,drink,mine and infusion bottle ect. packaging,which can be loaded without having plate with a film and ideal visual appeal.


Applying brought in PLC,which could handle the machine quickly,with dependable overall performance,precise management.

Together with the ability of sensing and sorting bottles,shrinking and cooling down shaping immediately.

Iductive move management the providing of film,which could control the length of film minimizing the usage.

Imported tranducer manage for that communicate engine,that may understand stepless speed reguation.

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