The scent filling and bundling limit interlocking machine provides the function of stuffing

The perfume bundling and filling cap interlocking machine provides the function of satisfying, dropping caps and bundling instantly. casing conveyor adopts circulatory shell form that prevent a challenging dilemma of replacing shells, as being the perf

The cologne bundling and filling cap interlocking machine has the purpose of filling up, decreasing hats and bundling quickly. casing conveyor adopts circulatory casing mould that prevent a challenging difficulty of exchanging shells, as the fragrance containers are different; Triple piston type satisfying could established filling up quantity on touchscreen, thus meet the condition of satisfying of higher-potential shell. Environment of vacuum load could change shell water level and make each of the shells’ liquefied level constantly. Because of the suction tubes too long and curving, dropping caps device adopts manipulator to fetch and drop caps and solves the problem of entering shells. The bundling product employs solitary tube bundling caps and definitely makes the entire composition much more compact and reasonable. The machine adopts PLC management, straightforward operations and change conveniently.

Technological parameter:

Filling up volume level 20-250lm

result 25-30bottle/min

Principal engine potential .75kw

Air supply tension .8Mpa

Power supply 220V 50HZ

Six heads servo filling labeling and capping manufacturing series creates 6 heads servo equipment pump motor filling up, linear capping and twice part labeling, which total stuffing procedure of soap. The linkage line is vehicle keeping track of filling capping and labeling manufacturing collection for soap material, with all the purpose of vehicle serving jar, capping, counting and filling and labeling. The parts that contact material are typical stainless steel. The entire generation line is operated by PLC, servo engine checking, and also the benefit from substantial accuracy and reliability, speedy rate, and precise labeling and the like. It is suitable for water items and a few specific requirement products’ filling capping and labeling.

Efficient overall performance:

Servo motor pushes equipment pump that matter info, and satisfying machine might be establish on touchscreen.

The full machine has 6 evaluating level, and also the functioning condition could screen on touchscreen display, accomplishing intelligentize manage.

The machine is not difficult to completely clean and give a licensed giving material system.

Linear capping is with broad app and easy adjustment.

The labeling machine is proper for ellipse bottle, sq . package together with innovative functionality, straightforward procedure and small composition.

It provides the purpose of no jar no labeling, automobile correction without the need of brands, vehicle detection and so on.

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