the rotatable model on the 3rd coiling machine

(a) providing the sleeve between the protecting jewelry as well as the kind of aspect facilitates at reverse axial finishes thereof with mentioned protective bands engaging said aspect facilitates and the axial comes to an end from the sleeve, with all the shaft transferring by means of and unconnected on the hollow sleeve except at the reverse axial comes to an end thereof, and releasably attaching the shaft and both aspect facilitates, to make a rotatable device;

(b) journalling the rotatable unit in the coiling machine by moving the bearing means into operative association with the rotatable unit;

(c) fixing the continuous accommodating item towards the rotatable device;

(d) using the coiling machine, revolving the rotatable unit to ensure the continuous adaptable object is injury to form a coil from the constant flexible subject wrapped throughout the sleeve;

(e) slicing the constant flexible subject following a coil of preferred proportions has become created, determining a free stop from the ongoing flexible item;

(f) putting a defensive casing around the coil concentric with all the sleeve, unique from your side can handle; and

(g) binding the safety housing towards the sleeve and protecting jewelry to support the coil tightly on the sleeve without having comparable movements between transforms of the coil, to make a package.

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