The present innovation relates to improvements in automated models for wrapping machine 2014

The severed product is provided through the conclusion of conveyor 6 to the conveyor I0 finding the belt 264. As above stated, this conveyor means is driven at a higher linear speed than the speed of conveyor 6 to effect a spacing of the separated lengths an appreciable distance apart whereby they may be dropped onto the conveyor 286 in proper relation. The conveyor 286 offers the reduce lengths of your item on to a accumulating kitchen table 3I0 from where they could be pushed by the user in a perfect compartment 3I8 located above thefunnel molded manual 3I6.

As I have herein explained and after the drawings displayed illustrative embodiments from the technology, it is going to be recognized how the technology is not restricted thereto but may possibly fully grasp other buildings, arrangements of parts, features and details without having departing in the character in the innovation.

I claim:

1. In a machine for making tamales and so forth, method for consistently creating the meal materials right into a rod, promoting ways to get the constantly established rod, severing signifies cooper ating with mentioned conveyor to reduce the rod into merchandise of predetermined lengths, said conveyor operating with a lineal velocity equivalent to the lineal pace from the creation of your rod, an additional conveyor to obtain stated out items together with the longitudinal axis of the item disposed parallel on the direction of motion from the conveyor, mentioned secondly conveyor getting motivated much more speedily than explained first conveyor to outcome a spacing of the cut items, one third conveyor disposed in angular connection with respect to said 2nd conveyor to handle the reduce merchandise to some getting table.

2. Inside a machine for producing tamales and so on, the mix of your conveyor modified to acquire measures of twisted foods substance getting their longitudinal axes disposed normally in the direction of movements of explained conveyor, a 2nd conveyor disposed angularly when it comes to said initial-known as conveyor for receiving said packaged food fabric because of their longitudinal axes disposed transversely of said 2nd conveyor, plus a acquiring program at the conclusion of explained 2nd conveyor, mentioned foundation possessing a major depression of predetermined dimensions for acquiring a predetermined number of explained measures of packaged food material, mentioned major depression using a laterally disposed starting to help guide removing of said lengths of covered foods delivery and material to your box.


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