The packing machine can accomplish the method


liquid packing machine :

PLC controll and Personal computer coding

liquid packing machine


The machine is used to

01 Puffed food items

02 big, Sweets and small granuliform items.

2 Characters

01 The packing machine will be the mini-pc auto packing machine

02 The packing machine have foll coder devices it may stamping the time.

03 The packing machine can finish this process,case generating,filling up,checking,closing,cutting .

3 Principal technical specification

1) Means of dimension: travelling bag variety

2) Variety of measuring: 1- 130ml

3) Packing speed: 35 – 105bags/minutes

4) Case dimension:

a) Duration: 30 – 200mm

b) Width: 20 – 140mm

5) Power: 1.5kw/220v

6) Bodyweight: 300kg

7) Outline for you measurements (L by W x H): 1200 by 850x 1700mm

8) Securing: triangular

MAME: Stay-Case Intelligent Walnut Packing Machine

Version: 998L-A

1. Program:

This machine is relevant for fruit yogurt, milk, cosmetic, wine, juice and drink cooking essential oil, China classic medicine soup and puffedfood and beans, melons plant seeds, candy as well as other granular, powder material of personal-helping handbag packing


1, this really is a multiple operate automatic packing machine.

2, it might finish off the method, handbag counting, filling, cutting, sealing and forming etc.

3, the machine provided with retract coder and measuring glass machine

4, the machine is mini-laptop or computer automated packing machine.

5, the machine is color date generating and atmosphere filling products (gas be prepared by yourself )

6, the making travelling bag have effortless-tear mouth area

7 the element of mailing substance is promoting material and belt scenario outcome.

3, main technical specifications

Packing speed


making case size


generating travelling bag width


machine excess weight




packing collection


Machine sizing


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