the manufacturing facility creating the panel packaging machine with film panel exhibit individual panels

This innovation permits the lean film display panel to get properly shielded only using the packing panel packing series itself without having to use extra protecting model, as opposed to the prior craft, hence dealing with the problems which may arise as a result of utilization of the additional safeguarding device, and decreasing an economical burden on the developing company which makes the lean film exhibit panel in the form of the 50 %-completed product, consequently improving cost competition.

[14] Yet another thing of the creation is always to present an panel wrapping line for packing a slim film display panel, which has a method for horizontally reloading slender film panel packaging line display panels and stacking the loaded panels in multiple tiers, hence altering the elevation of your loaded individual panels to correspond to the height of your space for storage of travelling signifies getting various height, and that features a means for shielding the slim film show panels without a shielding system or a partition walls, contrary to conventional packing bins, thus improving the volume of slim film display panels that could be loaded in a single packing panel packaging line for that reason reducing the quantity of deliveries and lowering travelling fees.

Technical Answer

In order to accomplish the object, the present invention provides an panel packaging line for packing a thin film display panel, including a stacking frame which is open at a center thereof, and a seating step provided inside the stacking frame such that the thin film display panel is horizontally seated thereon, [15]. Helpful Effects

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