the manufacturer creating the panel packaging machine

[9] Within a thorough explanation, if the lean film display panel such as a half- completed product is provided for an assembly plant, the protecting products put together to shield the slim film show panel should be taken off the panel, as a result becoming difficult and inconveniencing suppliers. More, the safeguarding system taken from the slim film exhibit panel is virtually constantly discarded, so that it is uneconomical.

[10] In addition, the manufacturer creating the thin film show panel which is a fifty percent-finished product need to install the safeguarding gadget to each and every slender film display panel. Because of the production of the protecting system, product expenses are greater, as a result cutting down price competitiveness .

[11] Further, the width of a space, which is defined in the packing box to receive the thin film display panel, must be increased, because of the protecting unit fastened to the thin film display panel to protect the thin film display panel which is a half-finished product. Additionally, since a plurality of partition wall surfaces understanding the panel storage space has a predetermined breadth, the quantity of slender film exhibit solar panels which is often packed within the packing package is limited. Therefore, this really is difficult because the quantity of deliveries and the transport costs are elevated.

[12] Slender film exhibit panels into which innovative modern technology is unveiled are frequently exported in another country. As a result, substantial transport prices are incurred due to repeated shipments. Disclosure of Innovation Technological Difficulty

[13] Accordingly, the current innovation has become manufactured remembering the above mentioned troubles occurring in the prior art, plus an thing from the present invention is always to produce an panel packaging line for horizontally packing a lean film display panel, that is built so that it is not essential to additionally handle the thin film display panel made as one half-completed merchandise, in fact it is easy to input the thin film screen panel right into a manufacturing series as soon as the lean film screen panel is divided from your sent packing box, thus improving productivity.

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