The Flexible stretch wrapper machine

Machine Introduction

Implementing Western electrostatic adherence technologies, this stretch machine is the most advanced toilet document packaging machine in China. It is actually appropriate for single bathroom document packaging.

Principal Features

1.Taking on double-travel straight securing gadget, helps make the vertical securing stable, firm and tidy

2.Function of automated stop at the set placement can be obtained

3.PLC manage definitely makes the system easy and reliable maintenance

4.Consistency control makes the operation easy and simple

Taking on photoelectric sensor to test the attention tag, low-get in touch with stage management, two-way tracking

Technical Information

Capability: 50 to 80 provides/minute (subjected to the material and thickness of film along with item dimension)

Merchandise size boundaries:

Duration: 70 to 400mm, Width: 32 to 200mm, Height: 5 to 105mm

Floor space (L x W): packaging machine 4400 x 1085mm

Strength consumption: packaging machine 2.8kw

Overall weight: Packaging machine 1200kg

Packing substance: all kinds of film such as CPP £?SPP

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