the current model of machine in chinese market

There are several intuitions aimed at improve the stretch wrapper packaging community. One of the most important enhancements of the final yrs, brand name Marchesini Group of people, has enabled a more effective and “green” stretch wrapper packaging for items including syringes thanks to utilizing a solitary robotized cartoner, as opposed to a line, that recognizes each of the stretch wrapper packaging method: from cardboard holder squaring to syringe filling till carton stretch wrapper packaging. All with higher performances.

The concept at the base of this option would be the lack of an upstream thermoforming machine – typically, it is utilized in a collection to form and close off plastic dish for syringes beginning with PVC reels – that is substituted with a cartoner that firstly inserts the syringes into cardboard trays and after that these kinds into cartons.

The advantages of this alternative solution for syringe stretch wrapper packaging are in terms of eco-sustainability, thanks to the use of cardboard instead of plastic package, as well as lower production costs because the thermoforming process is not included. Therefore/in other words, a solution that guarantees a greater attention to the environment and a saving to 360 degrees, immediately appreciated by the pharmaceutical multinational companies operating in the Chinese market, that are attentive both to the costs and to dictates of Kyoto Protocol in terms of environmental emissions.

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