The current invention refers to changes in automated machines for wrapping machine 2014

As the cut lengths of wrapped food material are discharged from the outlet end of the conveyor formed of units I30 and I32, the same are received by the discharge mechanism generally designated I0, see Figure 12. This discharge device includes an upwardly keen conveyor 264 completing regarding the pulleys 268 and 266 mounted on shafts 212 and 210, correspondingly, that happen to be suitably mounted inside the structure extension 214. The discharge conveyor gets its power in the electric motor 216 that pushes pulley 218 and belt 280, the belt traveling the pulley 282 attached on shaft 212. The cut lengths of packaged food material have their own axes disposed significantly longitudinal in the path of motion of the conveyor 264 in the course of release to the exact same.

Conveyor 6 is managed to maneuver in a pace identical to the linear velocity in the extruded item flowing through the serving ways to keep the product even though it is cut into individual measures. Conveyor I features a more quickly linear velocity than conveyor 6 to area the segregated lengths shipped from conveyor’6 so that they will slip to collecting indicates I I in tightly spaced connection.

With departing the discharge conveyor the lower item is dismissed into the guide 284 which delivers it onto a conveyor 286. This conveyor is disposed at considerably appropriate facets with regards to the release conveyor 264 and goes by round the sprockets 290 and 288 suitably installed on shafts 294 and 292, correspondingly, the shafts simply being journaled inside the frame extension 214. Conveyor 286 is powered from the sprocket wheel 286 attached after shaft I36 of the conveyor 6, the tire driving a car the sequence 208 that therefore brings sprocket,

tire 300 .of the decrease products unit 302. The productivity in the gear workout in package 302 brings a pulley 304 and chain 306 which brings pulley 308 placed on one particular end in the shaft 292.

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