The current innovation makes up a wrapping apparatus body of stretch wrap machine

The current technology will not need a architectural close and thus can make use of any type of stretchable material. The invention was designed to work with stretchable film webs for example polypropylene, PVC, polyethylene and nylon which is often extended in little widths with much less push than that required to stretch stretchable internet. Additionally, the expense of these kinds of film webs is less costly compared to costs that are discovered with recent stretch web film.

As the power requirements are significantly less than those of shrink systems since there is no heat tunnel required, and greater speeds of operation are possible because of the elimination of the requirement for overlapping helical layers of spiral wrap, thus it can be seen that a significant economic factor is present in the invention. Furthermore, a wider number of products can be handled with the present invention because of its breathability aspects, and due to the simplicity of the construction of the invention, there is a greater stability in the inventive wrapping apparatus and process with less maintenance being required to maintain the apparatus resulting in a corresponding reduction in break-down time.

The aforementioned-described operations and purposes of your innovation will be more easily obvious when go through along with the following outline of the sketches and detailed information of the desired embodiment of your provide invention.

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