The best tyre wrapping machine with automated stretch wrapping

3 as outlined by claim I wherein the tire packing machine, recognized because stated tread deal unit (3) comprises a symmetrically attached to the framework (I) of the two shaft seating (13) and installed on the shaft chair (13 ) in the shaft (14), the shaft (14) are placed on the arm (15), the left arm (15) is mounted between the straight beams (16), ray (16) from a bolt set on the spinning left arm (15) around the ray (16) is provided with packing adhesive tape fittings (17).

As reported in state I where the wheel packing machine, distinguished for the reason that explained tread lift gadget (4), incorporates a top to bottom route of the two cylinders are linked in collection, the top of the the tube (18) with all the carrier (I) connected, and the lower tube (18 ‘) is linked to a horizontal information rail (19), horizontal side rails (19) is attached to two sliders (20), slip (20) movable together horizontal side rails (19) push, the slip ( 20) installed on a wheel furnished with inwardly flick pawl (21).

5 based on assert I in which the tire packing machine, characterized because stated exterior connecting indicates (5) makes up two symmetrically established left arm (22), left arm (22) attached to the top stop by a shaft Rack (I), the left arm (22) connected to a cheaper knife owner (23), two left arm (23) in the owner (23) relative to urgent, the resource head (23) is supplied with three guide grooves , every information groove are correspondingly attached to the bezel (24) or heating the adhesive platter (25), baffle (24) as well as the warming the adhesive platter (25) – both finishes by way of a springtime (26) coupled to the underside of your guideline groove, baffle (24) is higher than the duration of the heating system the sticky plate (25) in size, every blade owner (23) comes with two warming the adhesive platter (25), can also be mounted on the cutting blade blade (27) , shear blade (27) located between your two warming the adhesive plate (25), involving two resource mind (23) relative to the career of pushing signifies in wheel package deal (3) beams (16) underneath the maximum placement.

As claimed in assert I where the wheel packing machine, characterized in that mentioned flange implies (6) includes two symmetrically disposed installation system (28), installing program (28) by the raising screw (29) attached mailing signifies within the straight basic tire (9), both installation system (28) means are located in two parallel vertical tire delivery service sequence (11) either side in the installing foundation (28) is mounted on the auxiliary frame (30 ), auxiliary frame (30) mounted with all the heart information shaft (31), the manual shaft (31) is mounted on movable along the manual shaft (31) the sliding bracket (32), slide the bracket (32) is provided using a plurality guideline shaft (31) because the center outward within a manual groove (33), auxiliary body (30) in the guide groove (33) is fitted a corresponding situation strut (34), the guide groove (33) is attached along the inner guide grooves (33) slidably movable obstruct, the movable prohibit is set up on the productive handle (35), the productive handle (35) – end from the movable prohibit from the shaft relationship, the active lever (35) by way of a shaft and also the center strut (34) is attached , flange implies (6) placed on the bottom additional consists of (9) found on the conveying signifies (10) below the fan (36).

As stated in assert 6, wherein the tire packing machine, recognized in this mentioned manual groove (33) to the three guide lines (33) within the manual shaft (31) like a middle towards the 3 o’clock course, correspondingly, 9 o’clock, 12 o’clock, tire handle into the Agency’s activities (35) is split in a movable rod (35 ‘) as well as two movable rod (35 “), a movable rod (35’) from the shaft with two Levels the productive handle (35 “) attached to a movable rod (35 ‘) is fitted to the peak dish wave sweep (37), the additional movable rod (35”) as well as the rod (34) along with the movable prevent, attaching implies with the other location from the movable rod (35) attached likewise; others position the movable rod (35) can also be installed on the additional movable rod (38), the lively handle (35) is additionally connected to the top of wave sweep dish (37), the auxiliary movable rod (38) – conclusion in the influx sweep dish (37) with a shaft attached to the auxiliary movable rod (38) via a shaft along with the other end from the strut (34) linked to rod (34), the productive handle (35), the supplementary movable rod ( 38), surf sweep dish (37) to form a parallelogram railing agencies, surf sweep dish (37) carries a area clean.

As reported in assert I whereby the wheel packing machine, recognized in this explained inner adhesive implies (7) are mounted on the flange makes up indicates (6) two installation foundation (28) in the two linear information rails (39), linear guideline (39) are mounted along the linear guideline (39) sliding bracket (40), holder (40) into the best use a small (41), into the briquetting (41 ) inside a disk-molded stress platter, two stretching out clamps (41) of your pressure dish in accordance with nip.

(10) according to claim 8, wherein the tire packing machine, characterized in that said pressure plate, respectively chopping platen (42) and the cutting pressure plate (43), the cutting platen (43) smaller in diameter than chopping platen ( 42) the diameter of the cutting pressure plate (43) extending into the side clamps (41) mounted on a lid-shaped blade cover (44) and blade cover (44) is mounted within an annular heat cutter (45), cyclic heat cutter (45) in the cutting pressure plate (43) on the outer periphery, into the clamps (41) is provided with a through hole, the through hole is connected to waste recovery, including recovery of the waste into the clamps (41 ) connected via the trachea, air pump connected with the trachea.

According to claim I wherein the tire tire package packaging machine, characterized in that the packaging process is as follows, 10 Use: 1) ranking erect in the wheel tread straight shipping and delivery signifies; 2) transferred on the tire tread wrapping system, these devices will bring up wheel tire lift up gadget package fetal movements around the wheel tread, the wheel tread wrapped in packing tape on; 3) refer to wheel signifies the tire downward, the external packaging sticky adhesive tape slicing unit and two conclusion connecting, bonding system even though the exterior ring will cut off one other stop from the packing adhesive tape adhesive exposure to the package deal tire device; 4) wheels transported on the wheel internal connecting device, gadget packaging adhesive tape flanging benefit flipping to the tire inner circle the packaging tape within the sidewall; 5) inside connecting product will roll onto the wheel inner packaging with adhesive; 6) tires shipped to cooking tightening up products, home heating packing tape, packing tape to tighten up the , tightly cover around the wheel.

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Wheel packing machine and packing technique

Modern technology

[0001] The current invention refers to a packaging machine and packaging strategy, in particular, is actually a packaging machine for packaging tire and a tire by using this packing machine packing technique.


[0002] The tire packing methods are available for the wound, which uses ribbon packing materials, wrapping machine with a tire package material circle around the ribbon, wrapped around the edges overlapping tires, packaged this way because of overlapping winding, a large amount of packaging materials, packaging costs are high, serious waste of packaging materials and packaging easy to loose, poor stability, packaging, slow, packaging production is low.

[0003] before patent “Wheel packing . There are still many shortcomings, packaging molded together under the upper die of packaging, packaging tires need accurate positioning, position requirements, packaging technology requirements, the connection length long, the upper die and the lower die junction is located in the outer tread last week, totally exposed on the outside of the tire transportation prone to damage in the process, a solid weak, and the packing effect unsightly outer adhesive as a whole, produce more waste packaging, packaging material utilization is low, the packaging cost is high, although 3) the design of a tire packaging equipment, use of non-wrapped style packaging.

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