Technological innovation within the Neatherlands

Researchers at Delft University of Technological innovation from the Neatherlands have created an easy method of harvesting energy from your wind flow that elminates the need for turbine generators, blades and gearboxes and other assemblies typically located in wind turbines. Referred to as the EWICON (simple for Electrostatic WIndenergy CONvertor), these devices uses principles of electrostatics to create electrical present.

The EWICON prototype in the Delft College of Modern technology.

The EWICON prototype with the Delft School of Technologies.

The EWICON prototype in the Delft University or college of Technology.A demo device made by an architectural company referred to as Mecanoo is already in the Delft University campus. The EWICON has no moving parts. The only sections that could need replacing are nozzles that apply water droplets which act as charge carriers. As Mecanoo describes it, the hardware consists of a flowing steel frame in the shape of a squared — supporting a framework of horizontal steel tubes. Electrically billed droplets are created in the structure and therefore are blown away from the blowing wind. The movement from the droplets generates an electric current, that may be passed on on to the grid.

Several particulars pertaining to rules of the device’s operations might be gleaned from the dissertation developed by Delft researcher D. Djairam. As Djairam writes, allowing the wind to force charged particles against the direction of an electric field boosts the potential energy of these charged particles. The billed contaminants could then be collected within a recharging method that may be insulated from earth. Because the charging system starts out electrically neutral, dispersing charged particles causes its potential to rise. Generally, our planet operates as the collector for the billed dust.

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