System test for stretch wrapping machine line-5

1.7 System test
− Prior to the delivery of the facilities, a system test is carried out by SMS including workshop accompaniment by the supplier.
− A date must be given in writing to SMS at least 14 days in ad-vance.
− With the inspection, neither the transfer of risk or the ac-ceptance nor the start of the warranty period is effected.
− The following is particularly tested:
• Simulated pallet transfer
• Muting demonstration of safety light barriers
• Signal exchange (simulation handshake with ext. PLC)
• Manual mode demonstration of all functions
• Automatic mode demonstration with coiling process of a dummy coil
• Simulation of fault messages
1.8 Documentation
1.8.1 Preparation
− The documentation is provided in German / English.
− The documentation and its marking are executed to DIN 40719, with due regard to the IEC recommendations IEC 113-1.
− It includes all documents required for the execution of the as-sembly and commissioning as well for the operation of the facili-ty.
− CAD system: Eplan
− The documentation has to be created in cooperation with SMS.
− In the circuit diagram all cross-sections of copper rails, cables and cores have to be indicated.
− All documents and package leaflets of purchased parts have to be collected in folders.

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