Stretch wrapping turntable devoted to doors, other and windows concluded

plat is actually a turntable stretch wrapping machine (trans pallet types available for all types). The years of Robopac experience in planning technological options for the stretch wrapping industry have culminated from the PLAT brand of long lasting, high end merchandise. Our specifications for top high quality factors, exacting specifications, high quality workmanship and extensive evaluating lead to the creation of the very reliable and safe turntable wrapping alternatives in the marketplace.

Stretch wrapping turntable focused on other, windows and doors finished and semi-finished goods in this particular developing business.

The structure consists of electro-welded stainlesss steel sheet metallic to assist the machine Ecoplat and Rotoplat, Technoplat CS-CW). 6 stress cellular material are placed around the framework to uniformly weigh the palletised load.

The automatic Technoplat equipment signify the flexible and innovative answer to completely automated pallet wrapping. The operator areas the load about the turntable, superstars -away period by far off con trol and, after having achieved the wrapping routine in a automated way, removes the pallet. The progressive Film Clamping & Decreasing Unit with incorporated spread guarantees accurate hooking; full value from the security guidelines is certain in every single operating problem.

Intelligent turntable with clamp-cut and spreading model


Power Dual pre-stretch Roll carriage

Machine Features

Platter size

1650 mm

Turntable rotation velocity:

4-12 rpm


Front and Rear

Power source voltage

230 Volt 1 Ph – 50/60 Hz

Set up potential

2.6 kW

Pre-stretch ratio fixed:

250Per cent

Period preventing

( /-20 millimeters)

Gentle commence


From another location manage period start


Automated clamp cut and spreading system


Features in the merchandise to be covered

Maximum sizes (LxW)

1000 by 1200 millimeters

Greatest beneficial size:

2200 millimeters

Maximum weight excess weight:

2000 Kg

Film spool features

Max. additional diameter (D):

300 mm

Film spool size (h):

500 mm

Film fullness:

17-35 μm

Inner diameter (d):

76 millimeters

Maximum. excess weight:

20 kg

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