Stretch wrapping is regarded as the economical means of Roll packing.

Stretch wrapping is easily the most economical strategy for Roll packing. The Penguin Textile Roll Stretch Wrapping Machine is the exclusive ? Pacmachine? prize winner. It is accustomed to load moves of numerous such things as denimfabric and carpets, curtain towel, pieces of paper, movie and many others.

Penguin Stretch Wrapping Machine supplies the most rewarding way to load your important items by saving in cost of film, power and labour. Penguin models are from the frontrunners in stretch wrapping and are used at numerous market sectors throughout India and Overseas.

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? Very economical and huge financial savings around shrink packing/gunny bundles

? Ideal for packing any moves of Denim Towel, Curtain Fabric, Rugs and carpets, Foam sheets, Upholsteries, Fabrics and Film Paper etc.

? Occupies a lot less place

? Great productiveness 30 – 50 moves/hour or so

? Tremendous savings in time, labour and money

? Highly long lasting moisture and dust resistant packing

? Driven Pre-Stretch model to minimize movie ingestion

? Variable stretch percent approximately 300Per cent

? Adjustable traverse to fit diverse roll width

? Handled motion picture tension

? Factor Overlap, Variable Stop Reinforcements, Factor Stretch Percent and Factor Roller Speed

? Electronic counter tops for stop reinforcement wrap establishing, motion picture usage and stretch portion screen

? Easy to work, durable And safety cpanel

? Cradle for convenient reloading of film

? Effortless reloading and unloading of Cloth roll and easy integration into conveyor outlines

? Higher energy saving-greater than 90Per cent saving over shrink wrapping

? Lowest service points

? Payback time period is just couple of months

? Outstanding soon after-sales-assistance help

? twelve months guarantee

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This is a actual proven fact that for all those weaving businesses the location where the generation is big, managing Material Rolls for neighborhood transport or even for exports, without having having an effect on their High quality, will be an issue, except if & before the over machine is released.

This machine is essentially suited to sizeable weaving mills production wider and heavier-thickness material moves like Denim Fabrics, Upholsteries and Carpets in which material in Roll-Kinds have to be shielded from dust & moisture content if in storage space and then in following travel. The automatic procedure routine might be programmed and monitored via microprocessor graphical user interface. This machine will save large work fees in addition to packing time apart from efficiency although launching pickup trucks / storage units when dispatched from mills. Altering around from Shrink wrapping to this sort of Stretch Wrapping, provides huge amount of cost savings in potential costs, and hence its value of investment pays back inside of ‘few months’.

You can actually work And quite simple to preserve; it is actually sturdy And user friendly; it can accommodate even broader thickness – greater diameter fabric rolls And stretch wrap them rapidly. This machine is employing 220 V, 1-phase, 15 Amps, And 1.5 kW power source.

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