Stretch wrapper with chain carriage

Hefty-obligation strengthened structural metal development for about-the-time clock procedure

Powder coat finish off that provides a durable scratch resilient area and prevents corrosion

Allen-Bradley? HMI for machine parameter configurations, manual operations and mistake diagnostics emails

In electronic format managed film tension modification

Best over-cover control

Adjustable best and bottom part cover surfaces (-7)

Turntable push: 3/4 Hewlett packard DC electric motor with ANSI 60 sequence

Heavy-duty conveyors with 2.5″ rollers, 11 gauge wall structure spread out at 3.75″ pitch motivated by “loop to loop” ANSI chain

Powered turntable changeover rollers for additional positive pallet managing

Special 36″ diameter precision metal engagement ring turntable assistance for steady load exit and entry

Guide conveyor regulates

Mechanical locking mechanism contains turntable in place in the course of item exchange

42″ basic safety fencing with intralocking access door

Automatic film cut and clamp gadget with manual override manage

Photograph electronic load elevation sensor that registers most dark coloured lots

Variable carriage speed (-21FPM)

EZ-LOAD FILM-SAVR? Driven Pre-Stretch: up to 300% with bare minimum neck straight down

Film delivery method: 1/2 Hewlett packard, 90 VDC electric motor

Proximity move dancer bar management for further trustworthy film nourish velocity control and corner payment

Double chain carriage elevate program

Contra–static rollers

Part payment

UL approved parts

Exterior fuses

Distant NEMA 12 electric enclosure

platform stretch wrapper designs are available in the WRAP-N-WEIGH? configuration. This alternative feature combines weighing and wrapping into one operation by integrating a precision scale and digital controls with either high or low profile turntables. Combining the two features into one particular provides higher economy and efficiency for any wrapping functioning demanding weighing. All reduced user profile designs are made to be loaded utilizing a pallet truck. Call your distributor for more details around the WRAP-N-WEIGH? that’s right for you.

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