Stretch Wrapper is handled utilizing an Allen Bradley PLC

2000 Stretch Wrapper is operated utilizing an Allen Bradley PLC with pushbutton and selector changes.

Self-sufficient Adjustable increase/straight down carriage management.

Provides more film application control and realized film savings, although this feature is often overlooked. By moving upward at full speed, more expensive automatic wrappers provide this feature and we provide it with our Semi-automatics also as it allows you to start the cycle. This assures the burden receives a spiral wrap utilized while getting the carriage to the peak in the load as soon as possible. This allows you to include the top of the the burden which can be usually the most shaky. As soon as the top wraps are full you are then able to travel downward in a lowered wrapping speed to ensure that the necessary film is used to have the load. Most rivals supply only one velocity, pushing you to transfer up with the identical gradual level as in the way straight down leading to a lot more film to get employed unecessarily. Yet again introducing extra expense to every pallet twisted.

Individual Top And Underside wrap surfaces from 1-9.

This provides you with the maximum versatility for your wrapping requires. Best designs give a solitary 1 to 3 cover selector swap which boundaries your power to satisfy your prospects requirements. As an example:

? A lot of pallet tons require more than just a few wraps employed to the peak. Numerous retail clients offer specs that need 4 or 5 revolutions at the top. This may not be probable with lots of aggressive types.

? Frequently various levels of film have to be applied to the top of the load as well as the bottom part. You could possibly call for 3 leading waps and simply 1 underside wrap. This again will not be possible with very competitive types when you are required to put the same amount of film at the base as you did at the top. Using extra film in which it is not necessarily essential significantly raises your film expense per pallet.

Don’t be minimal in your capacity to meet any customers requirements. With Phoenix, we comprehend the demands consumers deal with and supply this overall flexibility.

Numerous place patterns to pick from: Which includes Cover Up/Straight down and Wrap Up Only, Cycle stop and Re-Inforce Place. Just to provide you with additional mobility in order to meet your customer’s needs.

Adjustable Velocity Push for Turntable Speed.

Pushbutton and Selector Switches.

Autoheight Photo-Eyes for Varied Load Height recognition with adjustment slip for easy adjustments.

Film Force to Stress (Pressure) Manage

Power on/Away from, Big E-Stop, Pause Period, Run Regulates for Carriage up/lower and turntable.

Broken film alarm tells you as soon as the stretch film runs out. It halts the carriage traveling exactly where it was actually throughout the routine and enables you to keep on where you kept away as soon as the roll is transformed.

Fortify place key applies much more film at any time in the place cycle when additional film is needed.

Whatever you may well see with very competitive versions:

Single carriage velocity up or down, changes on rates of speed.

Minimal cover choices (best and bottom).

Film stress handle modified mechanically /electrically around the carriage.

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