Single Angle Packing Machine –Products Software

One Angle Packing Machine

Merchandise Application

All types of tough candy and milk candy And dark chocolate ball;


1.100% packing amount , no bare case;

2. Providing platter built with nourish system, can be designed with automobile hopper.

3. A few tiers of packing fabric.

4. Unwell photocell automatic keeping track of(optional).

Standard Features

1. Pace: up to 350 Features/Second

2. Product or service Size(millimeters): 16-30(L)X16-28(W)X6-20(H)

3. Voltage: 380 V, 3P.

4. Full strength: 2.5KW

5. Proportions (mm): 2400X1600X1800.

6. Wrapping material: Cellophane, PP and PVC Waxed paper, complicated fabric and so on.

One Twist Lollipop packing machine

Merchandise Software



1. Intelligent layout, decrease manual.

2. Supper large giving plate, lower unfilled travelling bag.

3. Steady operation, operation and maintenance simple.

4. lt adopts small-pc control, colour mark automatic keeping track of.

Normal Requirements

1. Speed: up to 150 packs/Min.

2. Packing film sizing: 125x125mm.

3. Merchandise sizing: Diameter22-30mm.

4. Voltage: 380V,3P. Energy: 2.2kw.

5. Total dimensions: 2500x920x1520mm

6. Body weight: 1200kgs.

7. Wrapping Material: CPP/PET CPP/BOPP.

Lower and Cover Machine

Merchandise Software

This Machine be used for packing a wide variety of confectionery merchandise, like chewy candies, gum, toffee, caramel and Bun Milk-sweets, Soft Caramel and so on.


1.The machine produces a excellent minimize & twisted product or service.

2. The maximum working speed is 500 wraps each and every minute, the machine as common is installed with an optical produce enrollment unit.

3. The machine is total variable in pace.

4. The machine can be created to generate the preferred sweets size. The machine would work for generating delicate sweets, challenging chocolate and periodontal products in increase angle place type.

Standard Specs

1. Velocity: as much as 500 Packages/Minute

2. Product or service Size(millimeters): 12-34(L)x10-28(W)x6-20(H)

3. Voltage: 380 V, 50HZ

4. Full potential: 3.0KW

5. Measurements(mm): 1440X1185X1810

6. Wrapping materials: cellophane, Paper and other composite supplies.

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